2014 World Cup Predictor

Tomorrow the 4 years of waiting is finally over and the greatest show in football gets underway.  It’s fair to say I’m excited for this World Cup, and I think it could be one of the best ever. There are so many teams in the tournament with the chance to do well.  The top four of Brazil, Argentina, Spain and Germany will probably produce the winners, but there’s a multitude of other teams that could easily reach the semis and make for some interesting and — Read more →

Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference 2014

Today saw Microsoft set out their plans for the upcoming year in gaming with their annual presentation at the E3 conference.  While there was little in the way of big surprise announcements, there were plenty of big games announced and showcased that are making their way to the Xbox One in the next year or so. Instead of the usual Microsoft offering, which showcases new features to their console as well as games, it was only new titles and updates on upcoming releases that were — Read more →

Clean Bandit – New Eyes: Review

In the wake of Disclosure’s success in bringing house music to the top of the charts, as well as to the dancefloors and iPods across the country, their particular brand of music has been almost inescapable.  Countless copycat acts have emerged from the underground woodwork, showing off the same type of funky dance music that London’s top duo have helped popularise. Clean Bandit fall into this category, but provide their own unique twist on the genre.  The quartet, who met each other at university in — Read more →

30 Rock – Season 7: A Belated Review

My favourite comedy show of the last decade is undoubtedly 30 Rock.  A sitcom that revolves around the makings of a Saturday Night Live-esque sketch show, TGS (The Girlie Show with Tracy Jordan), its capacity for relentless off-the-wall jokes is unmatched.  It’s a show that fits my sense of humour perfectly. Sadly, 30 Rock came to an end in January 2013 with a shortened Season 7.  It was a critical darling, with Emmy nominations galore each year and great reviews, but it didn’t quite pull — Read more →

Songs of the Month: May 2014

May’s been a month dominated by the spectre of revision for me, and the longing desire for summer, so it’s meant I’ve spent many an hour listening to my eclectic iTunes mix of music.  Here’s a few of the songs that I’ve played most often this month, with some new ones and old ones mixed in: The Killers – “Just Another Girl” One of the new songs from last year’s “Best Of” album by The Killers, Direct Hits, I really don’t think I gave “Just — Read more →