Streaming Music Takes Another Step Forward

This month marked an important anniversary for one of music’s biggest institutions.  It’s not a band, or a label, but iTunes.  Ten years ago iTunes launched their now all-powerful music store, ushering in the dawn of digital music in a real sense.  Downloading songs has completely changed the way we experience music, for the better, but Monday marked another step towards an even more digital way of listening to music: streaming.  The Official UK Charts Company, who have ran the Top 40 which has become — Read more →

2nd Year

It’s a weird feeling that I’m halfway through my uni days already.  It doesn’t seem that long since I arrived in Aberdeen for Freshers’  Week, but now the real hard work is on the way and in a sense everything that I’ve done  in education has built up to these next two years.  No pressure. The best thing about 2nd year was living in a proper flat.  Halls was a good experience, and I don’t think your university experience would be complete without going into — Read more →

Game of Thrones – Season 4: Review

This season was when Game of Thrones’ hype in the UK finally caught up with its’ popularity over the pond in America.  Season 4 of Game of Thrones has cemented its’ status as a new cultural phenomenon, and continued its’ intriguing tale of the fight for the iron throne. What this season did immensely well was focus on the close personal relationships between the characters.  The cast of lords, ladies, servants and serfs has always been fantastic, but never before have they interacted with such — Read more →

A Disappointing E3

Normally, I’m awash with excitement when E3 time rolls around.  New games, and new consoles last time, have me brimming with joy and leave me on edge until the next holiday season so I can pick up the fantastic games that were on show.  For various reasons, some beyond the control of the presenters, I didn’t really have that this year – and E3 was a bit of a damp squib. E3 sets the tone for gaming over the next year, sort of like a — Read more →

American Intervention Comes to Scotland

In the past week both US President Barack Obama and former First Lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have expressed that they hope that Scotland votes No in September’s independence referendum.  Until now the US has stayed firmly out of the debate, with the official State department line being that it was a matter for the people of Scotland to decide, but with the campaigns drawing nearer to an end and the polls narrowing, this US intervention may be a sign of the increasing — Read more →