Referencing in Microsoft Word

Essays are generally not a thrilling prospect for most students and one of the least appetising parts of constructing an academic essay is the task of referencing.  Finding sources online is tricky enough; having to wade through many books or articles on Google Scholar or JSTOR before finding one that’s actually relevant.  But then you have to use a special type of code writing to show the marker what you have read. It can seem daunting but Microsoft Word, something you’ll likely already use to — Read more →

My Cancer Donation Selfie

2014 so far in social media has been dominated by viral posts where someone does something and then tags friends to join in on the antics. First were neknominations, where someone downs a drink of choice and then nominates friends do the same. Neknominations were largely uninteresting videos with a rather boring concept around them, once you had seen one or two.  These also got bad press, and probably deservingly enough, for glorifying binge drinking and being dubiously tied to the tragic deaths of some — Read more →

Free to Play: Review

Perhaps the biggest new innovation to come out of video games in the last generation was competitive gaming.  It was facilitated by the widespread adoption of broadband internet, a new set of consoles that brought multiplayer to the masses and games that suited this new opportunity as well.  Competitive gaming, or eSports, is perhaps one of the fastest growing sports out there at the moment – although it has still not broken through to the mainstream because of the stigma surrounding playing games and being — Read more →

The Modern Crimean War

Tensions between the Western World and Russia aren’t anything particularly new, with a brief friendship in the 90s being the only time since World War II where both have been on the same side.  However, the current political and now military turmoil in Crimea is perhaps one of the most worrying developments in decades. Ukraine is a massively important country geopolitically – for both Russia and Europe.  It is the largest gateway between the two for oil and gas exports.  Ukraine is from where the — Read more →

Scotland’s Place in the Footballing World

Scotland, we’re a nation of dour detractors aren’t we?  And there is no bigger collective hate figure for our national cynicism than our national sport of football.  We’ve had nothing to praise or shout about for sixteen years some will tell you, and some will even go further to say that we haven’t had any real success as a footballing nation since the eighties, when Aberdeen won the Cup Winners’ Cup , or even further back to the 1978 World Cup where we believed that — Read more →