Songs of the Month: March 2014

It’s been a rather good month for discovering and rediscovering music for me, thankfully, so I’ve got a few good tunes to share with you!  Cutting down the list to six or so songs was a challenge, but hopefully I’ve picked the best ones.  Hope you enjoy! CHVRCHES – “Do I Wanna Know?” CHVRCHES have an amazing ability with their covers to make a song, as good as it was before, even better with their own 80s inspired style.  This is an excellent retooling of — Read more →

Game of Thrones – Season 1: A Belated Review

It did take me almost three years after the first season began to first watch Game of Thrones, but I’m glad I did.  With the excitement rising across the internet and my friends around the upcoming season 4, and having no ongoing TV show that I’m watching, my flatmates and I dived into Game of Thrones to see what all the fuss is about.  I’m glad we did. The show takes place in the fictional lands of the Seven Kingdoms.  There is plenty of background — Read more →

Oculus Rift Between Gamers and Facebook

On Tuesday it was announced that Facebook had bought the company behind the new virtual reality hardware called the “Oculus Rift” for $2 billion.  The internet blew a collective gasket. The Oculus Rift is by far the most advanced civilian virtual reality hardware that has ever been produced.  We’re all familiar with the idea behind it: put on a headset and your senses will be taken to another virtual world.  The technology has existed since the 80s but there had never really been a properly — Read more →

The Clegg Without Bite

With the General Election looming next year, the political alarm bells are beginning to sound in the parties’ campaign offices to tell them to prepare for war.  The Conservatives must be worried about Labour’s lead in the poll, but surely the man with the most anxiety and pessimism towards the big one next year must be Nick Clegg. Even though Clegg guided the Liberal Democrats into government by a fluke of parliamentary politics, it can’t really be said that he has done well.  The Lib — Read more →

Scottish Premiership 2013-14 Post-Split Predictions

After this midweek’s games the infamous Premiership split is nearby where the top teams in the league vie for the European places whilst the sides in the lower reaches battle for survival. Although the title winners and the automatic relegation victims have already been decided, if not quite officially for the latter, there is still plenty up for grabs for all the other teams in the league.  Here’s how I see things going in the final six or seven games of the season: Battle for — Read more →