Snaim Bun-Sgoil Ghàidhlig Inbhir-Nis

Mu dheireadh thall, tha ceannard làn-uine aig Bun-Sgoil Ghàidhlig Inbhir-Nis.  An deidh agallamhan cola-deug air ais, a-reir am BBC, ‘s e an ceannard ùr an ceannard a th’air a bhith ann airson faisg air bliadhna, ann am post eadar-amail, Mgr. Seumas Lyon. Tha mi toilichte crìoch fhaicinn dhan snaim seo airson an sgoil.  Tha e air a bhith a’dol fada ro fhada. ‘On a dh’fhosgail an sgoil ann an 2007, chan eil ach aon ceannard stèidhichte air a bhith ann ro Mgr. Lyon.  Bidh an — Read more →

Inverness Gaelic Primary School’s Dilemma

This is an English translation of the original post “Snaim Bun-sgoil Gàidhlig Inbhir-Nis“. At last a full-time headmaster has been appointed for Inverness’ Gaelic Primary School.  After interviews a fortnight ago, according to the BBC, the new headmaster is the headmaster that has been there for almost a year in a temporary post, Mr. James Lyon. I’m happy that this problem has been fixed for the school – as the debacle has gone on for far too long. Since the school opened in 2007, there — Read more →

The Killers – Direct Hits: Review

I think The Killers need little introduction as a band.  Around for almost a decade, the band is one of the most consistent producers of modern rock songs you will find, and have become wildly popular.  They haven’t been afraid to change their sound slightly though, with the more electronic Day & Age and the more traditional rock sound of Battle Born being different to the more “alternative” tone of their first two albums.  I love The Killers, and their new compilation album is a fantastic — Read more →

The BT Revolution Will Be Televised

On Saturday, BT announced that they’d successfully bid for exclusive rights to show the UEFA Champions League and Europa League between the 2015-16 and 2017-18 seasons.  It may have cost them £897 million, double the total cost of the previous European deal in place between ITV and Sky, but it forms another coup for BT in their bid to end Sky’s dominance of football coverage in this country.  It’s a huge development, and another step towards a revolution in how football is broadcast in the — Read more →

Gesaffelstein – Aleph: Review

It’s about time that Gesaffelstein, one of the emerging names on the electronic dance music scene, released his first album.  After several successful EPs on various labels, most notably his recent Bromance releases with Brodinski, Gesaffelstein’s stock has risen sharply – enough to work with Daft Punk on Kanye West’s latest album.  Pretty high praise indeed. Gesaffelstein’s first solo LP effort is a solid record, keeping with the slow, steady and melodic beats with which he’s become known, but packing in a few more exciting — Read more →