The Next Generation Has Dawned

A year after the Wii U made its’ timid debut, the 8th generation of video game consoles has truly begun with the worldwide launch of both the Xbox One and PS4.  It has been commented by many of the reviews for both consoles that there has never been two consoles as similar in terms of performance at launch, and the gist of reviews is that both consoles are a significant step forward compared to their predecessors.  It has also been noted, though, that both aren’t — Read more →

The Blueprint for Independence

Yesterday was another important milestone in the independence referendum campaign, as the Scottish Government launched their long-awaited white paper. Entitled “Scotland’s future: Your guide to an independent Scotland”; it sets out the SNP Government’s vision for the aftermath of a Yes vote in next year’s referendum.  If Scotland chooses independence next September, these are the terms that the current administration will be working towards achieving.  This is the both the SNP’s manifesto for the 2016 Scottish Parliament election and the blueprint for Scottish independence. Some — Read more →

Platini: The Progressive President

Much was made of the decision, back in 2007, to elect former French midfielder Michel Platini to the office of president of UEFA, European football’s governing body.  The post is arguably the second most powerful in football, after FIFA’s own president, and the man Platini defeated in the election, Lennart Johansson, had held the position for 16 years previously.  Johansson ushered in the era of the Champions League, which has become the second largest football tournament in the world in fans’ regard, behind only the — Read more →

Auld-Fashioned Approach to Housing?

On Monday morning a copy of Old Aberdeen Community Council’s November Issue of Auld Toon News dropped through the letterbox, the first time I recall seeing the magazine in my two months living in my Old Aberdeen flat.  This part of town is dominated by students, with 15,000 of us attending the University of Aberdeen.  So I was very surprised to see two out of eight pages of the Auld Toon News seeming to declare the growth in the number of students’, and the subsequent growth in the number of HMO (House — Read more →

The Programs You Can’t Do Without

When you get a new computer, there is a daunting feeling that it is completely empty.  All you have is the operating system and the few programs that are pre-installed.  It takes forever to get your computer back to the way it was, and even still you’ll go to do something and find that the program you need isn’t there.  So that this task isn’t as daunting in future, and in case you are looking for a program to do something for you that you — Read more →