Twitter Night Mode for Desktop

Twitter introduced night mode to its iOS app last week, following its release on Android earlier this year, and it’s made viewing Twitter on a mobile device all the easier on the eye.

It’s been well received, and I’m loving using it on my phone because it’s much less glaring and easier to read.

I’ve been using f.lux on my computer for about a year, and although it works almost entirely in the background – you notice the difference that it makes in dimming the screen at night to make it easier to look at and to reduce the effects of light on your sleep.

But there’s still websites and apps on my computer that are far too bright and make it uncomfortable to look at a screen for very long.

So I’ve developed a new stylesheet to go along with Twitter so that you can browse through it without a care in the world about its effect on your eyes! (It also looks pretty nice too, I think the Twitter night mode style looks better than the old one anyway)

Here is the code below that you can use to make Twitter look that bit cooler:

Install Stylebot on Chrome or Stylish for Firefox and then you’ll be able to paste in the CSS that you need to implement the style.  Follow their individual instructions for just how to do it, but it should be a simple job of copying and pasting!

These apps are great for other uses by the way, including hiding parts of websites that you’d rather not see like adverts (already included in the Twitter code) or the Facebook chat sidebar.

Hopefully this new style will make scrolling through Twitter a more pleasant experience for you all-day long! (I’m not responsible for any loss in productivity that may result)

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