Songs of the Month(s): January & February 2016

2016’s started quietly music wise.  Okay there’s been major announcements like my favourite band coming back and then announcing they’ll play at T in the Park, but new music’s been rather hard to come by so far this year.  That doesn’t mean there haven’t been good tunes around though, here’s a few of them: Parade of Lights – “Feeling Electric” Yet another FIFA soundtrack song that has wormed it’s way on to my iPod, “Feeling Electric” is a stylistic mash-up of Imagine Dragons and M83 — Read more →

Songs of the Month: December 2015

LCD Soundsystem – “Christmas Will Break Your Heart” A Christmas miracle that could only really have been topped by the second coming of Jesus himself, LCD Soundsystem came back from the abyss on Christmas Eve with a new single that sparks further hope into the rumours they are set for a reunion. The song itself is like meeting an old friend.  Things have changed and moved on in the years gone by, but you instantly fall back into the same rhythms you were in before — Read more →

Songs of the Month: November 2015

November’s been a very strange month, and mostly bad as well, so it’s meant that music and writing have both very much taken a back seat to life. Here are three songs that, in their own way, have made up the story of my month: CHVRCHES – “Up in Arms” My favourite band came to Aberdeen on the 23rd and it was a delight to see them live again.  Their set was full of fight and fun and was exactly what I’d hoped it would — Read more →

Songs of the Month: October 2015

Niteworks – “Beul na h-Oidhche” ‘S e seo a’ chiad òrain air an clàr ùr aig Niteworks ‘s fhathast tha mi den bheachd gun e am fear as fheàrr.  Tha e a’ toirt còmhla a h-uile pìos cìuil leis a tha Niteworks ag obrachadh agus ann an doigh soirbheachail ‘s soilleir. The first song on Niteworks’ new album, this is still their best in my opinion.  It brings together all of the parts of Niteworks’ unique sound and does it in a clear and successful — Read more →

Songs of the Month: September 2015

September was a month whose sonic soundscape was dominated by the release of a few choice albums for me.  CHVRCHES’ new album Every Open Eye was an absolute triumph and similarly Disclosure’s second album Caracal managed to produce a few good tunes that added to their catalogue of house masterpieces. So I’ll kick off with the one tune that stood on its own two feet for me before picking over the highlights of those two fine albums. Major Lazer – “Get Free” If you’re familiar — Read more →