My Top 40 Songs of 2017

20. Bakermat – “Don’t Want You Back” (feat. Kiesza)

This song marks the “return” of two great artists to top form, with Bakermat’s signature take on dance music being wonderfully complimented by Kiesza’s voice. It’s probably the most accessible and poppy song I’ve heard from Bakermat, being simple, fun and with a fiery message that is easily relatable.


19. Deorro – “Perdoname” (feat. DyCy & Adrian Delgado) [2014]

Deorro’s a great DJ and one whose style is perfect for the top moments of a club night. This Spanish song is about a man begging forgiveness, and the back and forth between Adrian Delgado and DyCy is intriguing even if you don’t speak a word of the language. The story is tinged with great drops, and a complete escalation towards the end that takes the song to another level.


18. Kygo & Selena Gomez – “It Ain’t Me”

One of the most popular dance songs on the charts this year, this is almost a carbon copy of the sort of songs Avicii was doing a few years ago, but this one actually pulls it off. It’s a country-infused song of heartbreak, with Selena Gomez providing the soul to the song that’s sure to resonate with many people, and Kygo producing the memorable drops that provide the song with an uplifting nature and turn it from a song of loss into a song of opportunity.


17. Galantis – “Rich Boy”

Galantis songs are known for being universally cheery, but this is one that goes to a whole new level. The signature vocal style is here in force, with several amazing drops that change things up and a fun, bouncy beat that’s ideal for the dancefloor. I’m amazed it didn’t get more traction, and even more amazed it didn’t feature on their album this year, as it’s certainly one of the best songs they’ve ever put out.


16. Lorde – “Green Light”

The intro to Lorde’s phenomenal Melodrama, it sets the scene perfectly. The end of a night out that’s gone badly and a relationship that’s fallen apart. But then as the beat comes in the redemption comes through and rides a wave of energy that carries on through. It’s a perfect pop song that works on many different levels – being fun, funny and fantastically catchy all at the same time.


15. Zara Larsson & MNEK – “Never Forget You” (2015)

Zara Larsson was a main player of my 2016 song list, and it was through listening to more of her back catalogue that I rediscovered this tune that really launched her into the charts over here. It’s a very emotional song, delivered beautifully by Larsson and the ever-talented ever-present MNEK. It also has strong dance credentials, with some fantastic drops and brilliant melodies in the background. While it’s not the sugary pop that Larsson’s best known for, it’s probably her most impressive song.


14. Jax Jones – “Instruction” (feat. Demi Lovato & Stefflon Don)

A combination of artists whose stars are on the rise, this provided one of the best summer dance songs around and one that thankfully got the credit it deserved. Without going full tropical house, this brings a strong sunny vibe to a song that’s guided through by Demi Lovato in dominant form. There’s also a great turn from Stefflon Don, giving the song an extra level of strength in one that overpowers in a good way right the way through.


13. Lorde – “Liability”

Sad songs are pretty common, but finding a song that captures a defeatist attitude and the sadness that surrounds it is far more rare. “Liability” is a beautiful song, being softly delivered with almost an acoustic accompaniment. Lorde’s tremendous voice almost breaks again and again, before soaring to provide the anger and raw emotion behind her feelings of separation. As a vocal performance there’s not much better you’ll find this year.


12. Clean Bandit & Marina – “Disconnect”

I’ve no idea how this song went so under the radar this year, as it’s a perfect combination of the classic Clean Bandit style and Marina Diamandis’ powerful voice. It’s perhaps the most “Clean Bandit” song the band have done in years, and couple with some sensationally powerful lyrics about looking after yourself in this ever-connected world, it is one I’ve listened to over and over again.


11. Deorro – “Goin’ Up” (feat. Dycy) [2016]

Deorro and Dycy seem to be a killer combo, and alongside their other song earlier on this list, “Goin’ Up” was one I had on repeat this year. DyCy’s tremendous voice works incredibly well here in English, and Deorro’s signature pitched sound makes for a great dance track and one that’s uplifting and perfect for a night out.

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