Currency and Clipboard Plugins

I’m delighted to say that I’ve had my first two WordPress plugins accepted to the WordPress repo so that everyone using the platform can download and use them!

Both of them were borne out of little issues that I found in my day-to-day coding and hopefully I’ve produced features that people will want to use and can integrate into their sites nicely!

Find out more about what these plugins do and download them below:

Click to Clipboard

To make sharing info from a web page easier, why not install my Click to Clipboard plugin?

It simply means that if there’s any paragraph on your site then users can hover over it and add it to their clipboard with a single click of a mouse, making it super easy to keep the information that they want from your page and use it how they like.

It’s also built WITHOUT the annoying “See More at” text that you often get with some similar copying plugins. If the website owner wants their copy shared elsewhere why should it annoy the users at the end of the day!


Currency Code

WordPress doesn’t have any really good currency convertors that aren’t tied to eCommerce systems such as WooCommerce, so I’ve gone out and built one.

This plugin comes with both a shortcode and a widget that you can use to convert currencies, to make it simple and easy to have dynamic currency info in your posts or pages and help users make some on-the-fly calculations as well.

Currency code works out-of-the-box, so you don’t need to spend any time configuring it and the currency rates automatically update each day by pinging the great service – so you can be sure that your currency conversions are up to date all the time!



I hope you find these plugins useful and let me know on the plugin pages or in the comments below if you have any issues or feature suggestions!

P.S. – Massive thanks to this blog post on getting WordPress’ subversion upload methods to work!

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