Highland Council Election Results 2017

Here are the final results from the Highland Council Election 2017. The Independent group remain the largest party, despite losing 7 seats. The Conservatives, gaining their first Highland Councillors since 1995, were tied with the Liberal Democrats on 10 seats.  The SNP held on to the same number of seats, while Labour lost 5.  The Greens earned their first ever Highland Councillor in Badenoch & Strathspey. Here are the total of results as now (with seat changes relative to 2012): 2012 2017 Seats Votes* Votes — Read more →

Dingwall & Seaforth Council Election 2017

UPDATE: Results for this ward, and all Highland Council wards, are available here. The Scottish Local Elections are happening on Thursday May 4th, and while for many they might be the most unglamorous elections, they are quite important. I live in the Dingwall and Seaforth ward of Highland Council, so I’ll be able to elect four councillors to represent the interests of the ward in the council chambers of Inverness for the next five years.  This is the first time I’ve been able to “re-vote” on — Read more →

Your Guide to the 2017 Scottish Local Elections

When are the elections? The Scottish local elections take place on Thursday May 4th, with voting open between 7am and 10pm. What are the elections for? Across the country, voters will be able to elect a total of 1,219 councillors to 32 local authority councils.  Each voter will be able to elect multiple councillors to represent their ward, which is essentially a “constituency” for the local authority, to serve for the next five years. In each council, an administration shall be formed to oversee the — Read more →

The Snap Election

So, it’s happened.  Theresa May has called a snap general election for the 8th of June, and with Labour’s support in Parliament it will happen.  So much for a year without quiet elections, eh? At the moment it looks as though we’ll see a clear Conservative win, as an average of the recent polls see the Tories picking up votes from Labour and UKIP while the Lib Dems take votes from the Tories and Labour: Con Lab UKIP LibDem SNP Green Other 44% 25% 10% — Read more →