Commonwealth Glory for Scotland

Glasgow’s eleven days in the sun, metaphorically speaking, came to a close last night as the Commonwealth Games concluded with a ceremony at Hampden Park.  It has been hailed as the best Games ever by the Commonwealth Games Federation President, Prince Imran of Malaysia, as well as by athletes, commentators, journalists and fans.  Glasgow, and Scotland, has shown its true colours to the world and we have proved, to ourselves more than anything that we can pull off such magnificent spectacles. The Scottish team came — Read more →

Modern Plagiarism?

It might be easier than ever to find out what’s going on in the world, or discover old facts you would never have dreamed of knowing otherwise, because of the internet – but despite its overwhelming advantages, there are some negatives that are slowly becoming more influential on our wider culture. Technology is a double-edged sword in that although making new content and news is as simple as it has ever been, copying that content and claiming it as your own is too.  Entire works — Read more →

The 7 Rules for a Perfect Pub Quiz

Even at the tender age of 20, I’m something of a quiz veteran.  I’ve done quizzes since I was around 8 or 9, when I was part of the winning team of the (now defunct) Dingwall Gala’s Quiz.  It was a night that got me hooked on flaunting my considerable, yet otherwise useless, general knowledge.  Since then I’ve been involved in countless quizzes in different locations and for different reasons. The highlight of my quizzing career has got to be getting to the Scottish final — Read more →

Have We Forgotten the Clearances?

This is an English translation of the original post “Na Fuadaichean: Air Dhiochuimhneachadh?“ In school, whether you like it or not, we all learn about the history of our country.  It’s extremely important that we know about what happened to our ancestors and why our country and the world around is how it is.  But in the history at school, in Scotland as a whole, one subject is neglected more than it should be.  That subject is the Highland Clearances – and I’m of the — Read more →

Na Fuadaichean: Air Dhiochuimhneachadh?

Anns an sgoil, gun diofar a bheil beachd math neo dona agad air, tha sinn uile ag ionnsachadh mu eachdraidh na dùthcha againn.  Tha e uabhasach cudromach fhios a bhith againn air na thachair do na sinnsearan againn ‘s carson a tha an dùthaich ‘s an t-saoghal mun cuairt oirnn mar a tha e.  Ach am measg eachdraidh na sgoile, ann an Alba air fad, tha aon cuspair mu làr barrachd na bu chòir dha.  ‘S e sin Na Fuadaichean – agus tha mi den — Read more →