Kacey Musgraves – “A Very Kacey Christmas”: Review

Kacey Musgraves is this decade’s answer to Taylor Swift, bringing modern appeal to country music and doing her own thing too – but it’s just that Musgraves is even better and truer to her roots. Kicking off the Christmas music season in style is her Christmas album “A Very Kacey Christmas” which manages to blend a bunch of different musical styles together with a helping of guest stars and raw talent to make something very special indeed. Listening to this album is a strange experience — Read more →

Let’s not say bye to HIE

The Scottish Government looks set to scrap Highlands & Islands Enterprise (HIE) as part of a review into Scotland’s innovation and commercial enterprise. In its’ stead will be a centralised body that will oversee development across the country, but this will seriously damage the work being done to help some of Scotland’s most economically disadvantages regions and the Highlands & Islands will suffer the worst of the consequences. The discussions into the role of this new body have been ongoing since last month’s first stage — Read more →

Tighinn còmhla neo tighinn as a chèile

A-nochd tha na Duaisean Gàidhlig a’ tachairt ann an Ghlaschu, far am bidh na “rionnagan” de saoghail na Gàidhlig a’ cruinneachadh agus a’ gabhail an cothrom moladh na daoine ‘s buidhnean a tha air deagh oidhirp a dhèanamh am bliadhna airson ar chanain ‘s ar chultar.  ‘S e tachartas mòr a th’ ann agus tha e mìorbhaileach gu bheil a leithid de rud ann agus cuideachd gu bheil e a’ faighinn aire nàiseanta leis na sponsairean aige a bhith an Daily Record. Ach tha e — Read more →

Still Game – Series 7: Review

When it was announced that Still Game would return to the telly for another series after a 9-year hiatus, it was almost too good to be true.  The trials and tribulations of Jack and Victor and the Craiglang crew made for the pinnacle of Scottish comedy over its six year run and the little vignettes of life in Glasgow made for some of the best individual episodes of TV that I’ve ever seen. Season 7 of Still Game was pretty much the perfect summing up — Read more →

What to expect from President Trump

The impossible has happened and Donald Trump has been elected President of the United States of America. No matter who you are and who you supported in the US election race, Trump’s victory is a massive surprise that went against all predictions and one that shakes the political system of the world once more in what has already been a tumultuous year. We’re now left picking up the pieces of a campaign season that’s not only been one of the most divisive and partisan in — Read more →