Seeing the Android Light

I hath wandered in the technological desert for two years but salvation has come in the form of a Samsung Galaxy A3. It’s no surprise to anyone that knows me that I wasn’t a fan of my old phone – the Nokia Lumia.  I’ve written before about the pitfalls of having a Windows Phone as your weapon of choice, and rather than these issues being ironed out over time as you bear the burden of them, things actually got worse.  The lack of good apps — Read more →

True Detective – Season 2: Review

Getting something right the second time around can be notoriously difficult.  When your first album, film or TV show is so good there’s an immense pressure to produce something that’s just as good but still something new so that you’re providing your fans with a different experience that’s in the same vein. True Detective might just be the quintessential example of a TV show that’s fallen victim of the second season syndrome. Following on from the gripping and phenomenally intense drama that Rust & Marty’s — Read more →

The long & winding road to the White House

It’s perhaps the most important election there can be, choosing the leader of the free world: the President of the United States.  That’s why it’s not so unusual that the whole process of doing just that has begun in earnest fifteen months ahead of time. Next November Americans will go to the polls to elect their new leader, with President Obama unable to seek a third term.  Whoever gets in to power, Democrat or Republican, man or woman – it is almost certain that the — Read more →

Summer Project 2015: Ross & Cromarty CAB

Summer to some means sitting outside in the sun and going off on holidays, but for me – at least over the last few years – it’s meant the chance to work on some interesting projects and earn some money for the year of uni ahead.  It might not quite sound as fun, and my tan definitely doesn’t benefit much from it, but it’s always great spending the summer building something that will leave a legacy. This summer I was working for the Ross & — Read more →

Songs of the Month: July 2015

SOPHIE – “Lemonade” This is one of the many weird, weird songs that I’ve graced my iPod with but one that’s ridiculously catchy perhaps just for that reason.  Repeating “lemonade, le-le-lemonade” over and over again isn’t the pinnacle of song-writing, but it lures you in with the bubbly synth drops before a quick chorus steals the show and the limelight.  It’s marketing gold for the likes of a McDonald’s ad, but a great little earworm too. Kacey Musgraves – “Cup of Tea” I’ve extolled the — Read more →