State of the Polls: One week to go

It’s only a week now ‘til one of the most anticipated General Elections in recent decades.  The result of next Thursday’s vote is still completely up in the air, and there’s every chance that the next seven days could determine who gets the keys to Number 10 Downing Street for the next five years, but with people beginning to firm up their voting decisions the general trend we can  expect is becoming clear. Remember, if you are still unsure on how to vote, that you — Read more →

Building my own radio station

Sitting at work for hours on end behind a desk can be tough, even if you have a job you love and work with great people who keep you going.  Music is one of the only things that can really keep people’s spirits up even as the clock ticks ever more slowly towards hometime.  But that only rings true if the music is good. Over the last few weeks at work I’ve been sat and stuck listening to Moray Firth Radio.  To say that its — Read more →

2015 General Election Manifestos

All the major political parties have now launched their manifestos for the General Election, setting out the plans they have for the country should they be fortunate enough to be elected into Government by the people on May the 7th. Manifestos have always been more of a wishlist than a ticklist – these are the policies a party would put in place given the perfect conditions for what they hope to achieve.  Of course things like economic recessions or major foreign policy troubles make it — Read more →

2015 Scottish Greens General Election Manifesto

Here is a summary of the Scottish Green Party’s manifesto for the 2015 General Election.  You can read the full manifesto here and find the manifestos of the other parties here.  Click one of the links below to read the relevant summaries. Economy and Equality Public services Democracy Energy Environment and Climate Change Society Europe, Trade, Defence and Foreign Policy Economy and Equality raise the minimum wage in steps, with a target of £10 an hour for everyone by 2020. Roll back welfare cuts and — Read more →

2015 SNP General Election Manifesto

Here is a summary of the Scottish National Party’s 2015 General Election manifesto.  You can read the document in full here and read the other parties’ manifestos here.  Click on one of the links below to go to the relevant section. Economy and Tax Health and Education Pensions and Care Equality Environment, Energy and Agriculture Culture and Immigration Defence and Foreign Policy Democracy and Constitution Economy and Tax we propose responsible increases in public spending support increases in infrastructure investment as part of our plans — Read more →