All the major political parties have now launched their manifestos for the General Election, setting out the plans they have for the country should they be fortunate enough to be elected into Government by the people on May the 7th.

Manifestos have always been more of a wishlist than a ticklist – these are the policies a party would put in place given the perfect conditions for what they hope to achieve.  Of course things like economic recessions or major foreign policy troubles make it difficult for parties to deliver their plans in full.  Another consideration that needs to be made is that it’s almost certain that no party will be able to rule on its own – so some of these manifesto pledges will fall by the wayside in trying to form a coalition with other parties.  These documents aren’t the roadmap for the next five years, but the ideal journey plan.  And it’s up to us to pick who’s got the best plan.

Below you’ll find a link to all of the major parties’ manifestos, as well as a brief bulleted summary of what you’ll find in each.  I’ve uploaded the manifestos to my own site just to preserve them in case any party is sneaky and tries to change theirs at some point and I’ve tried to be as fair and un-editorial as possible in presenting them, copying what I can from manifestos that are of different lengths, different depths and different focusses.  Of course the best way to decide which party you agree with most is to read them in full but I hope that these brief summaries will help any of you who are undecided.


Full Manifesto (83-page)



Full Manifesto (86-page)


Liberal Democrats

Full Manifesto (158-page)


Scottish National Party

Full Manifesto (56-page)



Full Manifesto (76-page)


Scottish Greens

Full Manifesto (20-page)


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