2014: Scotland’s Year in the Sun

It’s easy to think back with a heady nostalgia over the year gone by when the days between Christmas and New Year draw in and you realise that soon it’ll be a new calendar you need rather than just a new page.  Every year I try to look back on things and remember what the big moments were, just to get a sense of perspective on it.  Normally it revolves around making something out to be a little more important or joyful that it was.  — Read more →

My Top 40 Songs of 2014

I think out of almost anything, it’s the music from a year that really defines it and makes that one individual year stick out from those around it to me, and what a year this has been for music!  There have been so many good songs, and albums even, that have played around me throughout what has been an important and memorable year. This list is largely dominated by my favourite artists of this year: Porter Robinson, Clean Bandit and the amazing CHVRCHES.  For the — Read more →

The Rangers Panto

It’s Punch and Judy season across the country, and sadly for what was one of Scotland’s most important footballing institutions once upon a day the festive spirit of playing out a farcical story has gripped Ibrox this month. The only difference is that there doesn’t appear to be any real heroes on show. Ally McCoist has now effectively left the club after three years in charge of Rangers, a time where the side have gone from perennial title challengers alongside bitter rivals Celtic to being — Read more →

The Newsroom: Series Review

Television has had some great writers over the years, but none are quite like Aaron Sorkin. The New Yorker’s insatiable talent for penning interesting, intelligent and engaging screenplays is legendary and when you sit down to watch a show he has written; you know it’s going to be good. The final curtain fell last week on Sorkin’s TV career (for the time being) with the series finale of The Newsroom – and for a show that had a short run of three brief seasons, I — Read more →

My Top 10 Films of 2014

Although perhaps not quite as strong as 2013, there’s been a wide range of great films this year. I’ve tried to see as many as possible as a good way of spending a Wednesday night, and although there was a sort of polarisation in that the best films came out either at the start or the end of the year – I think on the whole I’ve been able to see some really enjoyable and memorable movies at the cinema. There are a few that — Read more →