A wage to live by

Despite the economic disaster of the recession slowly fading into history, the British public are still feeling the pinch as the aftershocks of the financial crisis have kept people, businesses and the Government on high alert for the next downturn. Even though our economy is growing, faster than any other Western economy at the moment, people are still struggling to afford the ever-increasing cost of living and the staggering reality that thousands in this country, one of the most developed in the world, are relying — Read more →

State of the Polls: December 2014

We’re just under five months away from the General Election, and when we ring in the New Year you can be certain that the campaigning and electioneering of all major political parties will begin to ramp up as they begin to stake their claim for your vote. Next year’s General Election is going to be fascinating. Normally they are two dimensional contests, with the Tories and Labours battling it out for Government and the Lib Dems providing little more than a mild attempt at becoming — Read more →

My Top 10 Christmas Songs

When December begins, it’s time to dust off the old Christmas songs and let them be shuffled along with the rest of my iTunes library.  It’s a shame that these songs are confined to only a month of the year, with most of them being able to bring some cheer no matter what sort of day you’re having, but in the same vein it’s hard to enjoy a song singing of snow and Christmas cheer in the heat of July! Everybody has their favourite Christmas — Read more →

Songs of the Month: November 2014

It’s rather hard to believe that we’re already into December, with the momentous year of 2014 almost behind us.  This year’s been exceptionally good music-wise, and this month’s produced lots of great tunes as well.  Here’s a few of my favourites I’ve added to my iTunes this month: CHVRCHES – “Dead Air” A band that’s come to be one of my favourites in the short space of a year, yet again they’ve released a fantastic new track – this time featuring in the new Hunger — Read more →