Guardians of the Galaxy: Review

Marvel’s latest summer blockbuster arrived with a somewhat strange feeling of unfamiliarity to it.  Away from the Avengers characters we have grown accustomed to the titular Guardians were a bunch of rag-tag randomers that very few people outside of the die-hard comic book fans would have known about.  So the hype around Guardians of the Galaxy wasn’t necessarily based on what had gone before, but around what Marvel could do to take their films in a new direction.  Happily, Guardians was something different, and a — Read more →

PS4 First Impressions

There was much excitement this week as I returned to Aberdeen and with my two flatmates having bought PS4s for their arrival; I was finally going to get a chance to get to grips with Sony’s newest console.  Although my experience with it has been slightly limited, with only Destiny and the demo for FIFA 15 at my disposal to test the system’s gameplay chops, I’ve really enjoyed using the PS4 and have almost certainly made my mind up about which console I’ll be getting — Read more →

Euro 2016 Qualifiers – Week 1 Round-Up

The road to France 2016 has got under way with the start of the qualifiers to see which sides will make the journey to the newly expanded showpiece in two years’ time. Scotland’s campaign started with, as was expected, a defeat to Germany but the circumstances of the defeat were far from disheartening.  After the Germans took the lead 17 minutes in following some solid possession play the game opened up a little, with Scotland being able to carve out some opportunities on the counter — Read more →

Two Weeks until Scotland’s Date with Destiny

It’s an immensely exciting time to live in Scotland at the moment, with just two weeks to go until we vote on our independence.  The public broadcasts are out in force, signs are up everywhere and hardly a conversation goes by without some passing mention.  It’s amazing to see so many people actively engaging in politics. What’s even more exciting is the fact that the Yes vote is soaring. YouGov, a perennially No-inclined pollster, gave the Yes campaign a massive four-point boost on Monday to — Read more →

Songs of the Month: August 2014

This month’s songs have a distinctly electronic feel to them, as some of my favourite artists have begun to put out new material – just as the summer draws to an end!  Generally these songs aren’t too heavy going, but aren’t out of place in either a club or simply listening to them alone.  Without further ado, here’s my five songs of the month: Zhu – “Faded” Toeing the line brilliantly between a deep club song and a lighter, more ambient track; “Faded” is great — Read more →