Immortals: Review

Action films sometimes have to make the distinction between going for an all-out assault on the audience’s sense of excitement or weaving a good story around some exciting set-pieces.  Sadly, 2011 film Immortals chose another path – one that had no real ‘wow’ factor or a good story to write home about. Immortals is a film set in ancient Greece, riffing off some mythological folklore to create a relatively complicated plot that isn’t particularly new or engaging.  Years before the film, the immortals in Heaven — Read more →

Moving your website between hosts

Until you get involved in the behind-the-scenes work of the internet its real, unfathomable complexity is blissfully hidden.  Getting involved in building websites, though, has led me to see the messy and difficult processes involved in making some of the most simple things you can do with a website work. This weekend I changed hosting provider from GoDaddy to Justhost.  There were a few reasons for my decision: Justhost was cheaper, allowed me to do more with my domain and had better customer support for — Read more →

Scottish Football Preview 2014-15

Summers with World Cups are by far the easiest for the football fan, with a month’s worth of delectable action in what seems to be a vast chasm between mid-May and August, but I’ve found myself itching more than ever to get back to the week-in week-out ritual of following Scottish football.  The SPFL’s first season came and went last season with a decent showing, but this season is shaping up to me to be far more interesting. The Premiership will once again be dominated — Read more →

Porter Robinson – Worlds: Review

There’s no-one quite like Porter Robinson in the world of dance music at the moment.  Rather than appeal to what is essentially the lowest common denominator, generic house that’s as soulless as it is appealing to the masses, Porter’s unique brand of electronic music tries to blend the atmospheric with the lively.  And, unsurprisingly given his track record, even at such a young age, he manages to pull it off flawlessly. This is perhaps the most cohesive album I’ve ever listened to from a dance — Read more →

Am Magadh Maireannach

Bha mi nam shuidhe air a chompuitar, mar a tha mi tric, oidhche Dimairt mu leth uair an deidh seachd agus chunnaic mi gun robh BBC Alba a’treandadh air Twitter san Rioghachd Aonaichte.  Miorbhaileach, nach shaoileadh tu?  ‘S e an geama ball-coise eadar Rangers ‘s Hibs a bha ag adhbharachadh an uigh,  ach fhathast bha e math a’faicinn gun robh inbhe aice.  An sianail airson 1% de dh’Alba a’faighinn barrachd aire na an deasbad a bha tighinn mu dheidhinn neo-eisimileachd na h-Alba, an suidheachadh ann — Read more →