Adams Leaves with a Legacy

Derek Adams’ reign at the helm of Ross County came to an end today, as he and his father George (the Director of Football at the club) were sacked. As sad as it is to see the man who is surely the club’s most successful manager in history leave, I think it’s the right decision and I’m glad that chairman Roy McGregor has made the tough call to part ways. When it comes to football clubs, the main concern has to be success on the — Read more →

Salmond v Darling – Round 2

First Minister Alex Salmond and Better Together Chairman Alistair Darling squared off last night in their last scheduled debate before the Scottish independence referendum in just 24 days’ time.  After the first debate, where Alistair Darling won, the second was seen as a pivotal moment in the campaign – and perhaps make or break for the Yes side who were sitting behind in the polls.  Fortunately for those of a Yes persuasion, Alex Salmond came out and delivered a far more convincing case for independence — Read more →

My Summer Projects

The summer’s nearly over, which is strange considering it feel like it only just begun not too long ago, but that also means that I’m able to share what I’ve been developing at my work – and I’m proud of it. First up is the new OnlineTEFLCourses website.  OnlineTEFLCourses allows people from all over the world to train to teach English as a Foreign Language.  The brand launched in December 2012, but since then the website and brand had remained largely unchanged and was in — Read more →

Why I’m Voting Yes

A month from today the people of Scotland will finally be given the chance to declare whether or not they should become independent.  It will be a monumentally important day in the history of the country, building upon centuries’ worth of struggle to give us the opportunity to make our democratic wishes heard.  Polls suggest that it’s going to be close, and it’s still there for both Yes Scotland and Better Together to win (or lose).  After years of thinking about the issue though, I’ve — Read more →

Fantasy Football 2014-15

After the excitement of the Scottish league starting, the next stage in football’s emergence from hibernation is the English Premier League’s kick-off this Saturday.  Even though I don’t particularly support any one club in England, I still can’t deny that it is the league that produces the most exciting games and where you will likely find the best football week-in, week-out. My interest in English football was keener than ever before last year as I took part in Sky Sports’ Fantasy Football for the first — Read more →