The Hoosiers – The News from Nowhere: Review

The Hoosiers are one of my favourite bands, with their first album being perhaps one of my favourite of all time and their second producing some of my favourite songs.  It’s always worrying when you don’t hear much of a band for a while, and it had been three years-plus before The Hoosiers’ announced that they would be releasing a new album: The News from Nowhere.  After splitting with their label Sony, rightfully because of the way they promoted, or rather didn’t, their last album — Read more →

Moyes’ Misadventure is Over

Sackings in football are almost a matter of routine, with even the top clubs not being afraid to ditch their managers for an alternative to meet their insatiable need for success.  Man United weren’t really known for being a club with an itchy trigger finger, with Sir Alex Ferguson riding out some rough spells on the way to creating a footballing dynasty like no other, but they’ve proven their new mettle by sacking David Moyes after a season that has seen not just a fall — Read more →

Scotland’s Tide is Turning

It’s five months today that Scotland goes to the polls on the question of the century, whether or not Scotland should be an independent country.  Both the Yes and No campaigns have entered their full-time statuses, and neither are very far from the headlines of the news each day.  Polls have been favouring the No option since the SNP’s election to the Scottish Government in 2011 that paved the way for this referendum to take place, but in the last month there has been a — Read more →

Protectionism & Development

Download PDF Are protectionist policies necessary for development?  Discuss using traditional and contemporary examples. Protectionism is the economic policy of states deliberately minimising trade with other states in order to protect their own industries.  It is a policy that has proved successful throughout the centuries in developing strong economies but is considered negatively in the modern neoliberal era by international institutions such as the World Bank, International Monetary Fund and the United Nations, with free trade being seen as the standard to which international financial — Read more →

iTunes – A Necessary Evil

For anyone who has music as a part of their life, there is something sacred and special about your music library.  It’s perhaps the most unique representation of you as a person in some ways: even with only a few hundred songs, the laws of probability would suggest that your library would be completely unique in the world.  Your particular music taste is entirely your own.  Managing this representation of yourself is something that many take great care of and pay attention to.  Enjoying music, — Read more →