Songs of the Month: April 2014

This month wasn’t much of a month for finding new songs but rediscovering ones on my iPod that I hadn’t given the chance they deserved.  It’s a mix of deep house, a touch of drum and bass, and a healthy kick of London beat (almost reggae) in there too and they all blend into each other quite nicely.  It might seem like an unusual mix, but I can assure you they are all great songs. Clean Bandit – “Dust Clears” “Rather Be” was a rather — Read more →

100: Why I Write

With this blog I will have made it to the milestone of 100 posts (not counting translations of my Gàidhlig pieces), which is something I’m pretty happy about.  When I opened up this site in October, I wondered whether I’d have the drive and determination to keep writing posts a few times a week even a few months down the line.  Thankfully, I have – and it has reaffirmed the fact that writing is something I really enjoy and something I’d hope to do for — Read more →

Have We Forgotten the Clearances?

This is an English translation of the original post “Na Fuadaichean: Air Dhiochuimhneachadh?“ In school, whether you like it or not, we all learn about the history of our country.  It’s extremely important that we know about what happened to our ancestors and why our country and the world around is how it is.  But in the history at school, in Scotland as a whole, one subject is neglected more than it should be.  That subject is the Highland Clearances – and I’m of the — Read more →

Na Fuadaichean: Air Dhiochuimhneachadh?

Anns an sgoil, gun diofar a bheil beachd math neo dona agad air, tha sinn uile ag ionnsachadh mu eachdraidh na dùthcha againn.  Tha e uabhasach cudromach fhios a bhith againn air na thachair do na sinnsearan againn ‘s carson a tha an dùthaich ‘s an t-saoghal mun cuairt oirnn mar a tha e.  Ach am measg eachdraidh na sgoile, ann an Alba air fad, tha aon cuspair mu làr barrachd na bu chòir dha.  ‘S e sin Na Fuadaichean – agus tha mi den — Read more →

Titanfall: Review

Truly new first-person shooters don’t come around too often, especially from well-known and esteemed development teams, so expectations for Titanfall were sky-high.  What they’ve produced is one of the best new IP to come out for years, but one that doesn’t quite shake the Earth completely either. The premise of Titanfall is rather simple, but the game does a good job of giving things a bit of depth.  In a world far away, two factions: the IMC and the Militia are squaring off against each — Read more →