Am Faod Mi Facal Iasad?

‘S e feart den chànan againn a tha sinn uile glè mothachail air a th’ann am faclan iasad.  Ma tha Gàidhlig agad, tha sibh air cluinntinn beagan feala-dhà mu dheidhinn a leithid de faclan mar coimpiutair, telebhisean ‘s fòn.  Tha na faclan seo air tighinn bhon Beurla gu follaiseach.  Tha iad soillear ‘s furasta dhuinn tuigsinn – carson a dhèanadh sinn an àrd faclan eile air a shon?  Tha faclan iasad aig faisg air a h-uile cànan air an t-saoghal, tric nuair a tha cànan — Read more →

The Wolf of Wall Street: Review

Last year, when I saw Filth in cinemas, I thought I had seen the limit of debauchery that could be found in a film.  It was funny, well-acted too and had a plot that was different and interesting.  Filth was a film that was fun to watch from start to finish. The Wolf of Wall Street takes the Filth model of movie, although not intentionally, and ramps it up to eleven.  There’s more drugs, more sex, more crime and the main character, Jordan Belfort, is — Read more →

The Music Social Network:

Social networking is absolutely everywhere in this modern world, permeating every layer of our culture in a revolutionary way.  Each performs a specific function: with Twitter and Facebook providing the more general messaging services, YouTube conquering the video market, and LinkedIn being the professionals’ network of choice. One area where our personalities might be more social in nature than anything else is our music taste.  The bands we like and the songs we like are as much an expression of our identity as the clothes — Read more →

It’s Called The West Wing

The last few years have brought many American TV dramas that have hit some level of cult success over here in the UK.  Shows like Dexter, Game of Thrones and, perhaps most of all in the last year, Breaking Bad, have all captured people’s imaginations.  I’ve never really watched any of these shows, with one exception.  During my first year of university, some friends and I watched a show from the beginning of the first season to the end of the seventh – and loved — Read more →

Improving International Football

Ask almost any football fan which competition is the biggest in football, and they will answer without hesitation the World Cup.  It is the pinnacle of the game, to many – a quadrennial exhibition of the best players and best teams in the game.  But after the World Cup, the most revered competition in the game is probably the Champions League, an annual club competition.  International football no longer has the draw it once did.   Even as a Scotland fan, I think that international football — Read more →