Football’s Oligarchy

Democracy is an ideal that is widely respected and desired as the best way of governing people.  It is transparent and popular way of making decisions and enforcing them.  Whether it is running a country, a public concern or even a global sport – it’s an ideal that is central to how we perceive the world around us, how we are involved in it and how fair we consider it to be.  Football, though, is about as undemocratic as could be.  It is an oligarchy — Read more →

The Evils of Exams

I can’t think of anything in my young life which provides more stress, anxiety and general unhappiness than the most dreaded part of the education system: Exams.  Your entire course builds up to a crucial and make-or-break few hours, where your success or failure as a student is measured.  It’s a horrible situation to be in.  Gladly, today I finished my last exam of this semester of uni, and I couldn’t be happier. Exams are old hat to me now at this stage in my — Read more →

Scottish League Champions Without the Old Firm

NOTE: The tables in this article were updated on the 15th May 2021 to include the results of the 2021/21 season. Yet again, the fight for the title in Scotland is non-existent, as Celtic coast to another championship without any real challenge in the absence of Rangers.  Even when Rangers were in contention, there hasn’t been any serious third-party contender since Aberdeen in the 80s. However, beneath the Old Firm duo in the table, there is always a much more exciting battle being fought for — Read more →

21st Century Voting

Compared to other sectors of politics and government, the fundamental process of electing public officers is still rather archaic.  Everyone is sent a piece of paper telling them that they can vote and where to do it.  They go to a physical polling station, hand over their piece of paper, receive another one and then cast their votes.  All the votes at a polling station are then taken to a count where they are all tabulated by hand.  Finally, the winner(s) are announced and the — Read more →

Can I Borrow a Word?

This is an English translation of the original post “Am Faod Mi Facal Iasad?“ A feature of our language, that we are all very aware of, is the loan-word.  If you speak Gaelic, you will have heard a bit of banter about words like compiutair, telebhisean and fòn.  These words obviously come straight from English.  They are clear and easy for us to understand – so why would we bother to come up with other words for them?  Almost every single language has some loan-words, — Read more →