Here is a full list of essays I submitted while at university, with some more info on the courses they were written for.

First Year

“The Onset of the Cold War” – Introduction to International Relations

“Gaelic Broadcasting” – Modern Gaelic Scotland A

“Is the state entering a period of decline?” – Introduction to Political Science

“Scottish Gaelic in the Celtic Context” – Modern Gaelic Scotland B

Second Year

“Classification of Gaelic Song” – Gaelic Folklore

“Revolutionary and Evolutionary Socialism” – Political Ideologies

“Population Changes in 19th Century Gaelic Society” – 19th Century Gaelic Literature and Society

“Is PR more democratic than FPTP?” – Democracy: Issues & Controversies

“Gaelic Emigration Poetry” – 19th Century Gaelic Literature and Society

“Protectionism & Development” – International Political Economy

Third Year

“Ideology & US Foreign Policy” – US Foreign Policy

“Who was most responsible for starting the Cold War?” – US Foreign Policy

“Is the US an ally or antagonist to Iran?” – US Foreign Policy

“Is a new Cold War emerging?” – US Foreign Policy

“The effect of Gaelic education on speaker distribution in Scotland” – Gaelic Identities

Fourth Year

“Who votes for extreme right parties in Western Europe?” – Extreme Right in Western Europe

“Gaelic broadcasting’s wider role” – Power & Prejudice: Gaelic in Scottish Society

“The post-war extreme right in Italy & Germany” – Extreme Right in Western Europe

“Adapting to devolution in Scotland” – Politics & Policy in Scotland

“Gaelic in post-devolution Scotland” – Dissertation in Gaelic Studies