Opinion Poll Centre

Opinion polls are the heartbeat of day-to-day politics, as they give the politicians an objective look at what their public wants that they can use to map out their policies for government or for their next elections.  They are second only to actual voting and elections in terms of indicators of success or failure and are to be taken with interest and seriousness by anyone with an interest in politics.  For me, they are a perfect mix of politics and statistics – and are extremely — Read more →

How should we rank football teams?

Any football fan taking a look at the latest FIFA World Rankings will always have a moment of pause where they think: “Hang on, how is this team higher than that team?”  It’s a problem that has existed since the dawn of the table back in 1993, and the way in which FIFA decides which country is better than another has consistently flummoxed the general population in football with its unusual placements.  Football’s top organisation can’t win when it comes to deciding who is better — Read more →

The Growing Cost of Scottish Football

Last week brought into sharp focus the way in which the game of the people in this country has become more commercialised than ever before.  There were two flashpoints in this enduring theme: the BBC’s publication of their annual Price of Football report and the release of Scotland tickets for both the Euro 2016 qualifier against the Republic of Ireland and the glamour friendly against the Auld Enemy of England.  Both of these highlighted how much it now costs for fans to fully get behind — Read more →

Predicting the Referendum Result

Today’s the day.  Today Scotland goes to the polls to decide its future and by tomorrow morning we will know whether Scotland has chosen to become independent or to remain within the United Kingdom.  There’s no telling which way the nation will vote at the moment, but I’ve tried to use recent polls to give an indication of what might unfold as the counts report their results tonight to make the process a little less nervy and uncertain! First things first, there is no doubt — Read more →

Scotland’s Place in the Footballing World

Scotland, we’re a nation of dour detractors aren’t we?  And there is no bigger collective hate figure for our national cynicism than our national sport of football.  We’ve had nothing to praise or shout about for sixteen years some will tell you, and some will even go further to say that we haven’t had any real success as a footballing nation since the eighties, when Aberdeen won the Cup Winners’ Cup , or even further back to the 1978 World Cup where we believed that — Read more →