2015 Conservative General Election Manifesto

Here is a brief bulleted summary of the Conservative manifesto for the 2015 manifesto.  Click one of the links below to go to a specific section or scroll to read the whole summary.  You can find the manifesto in full here.  Read other parties’ manifestos here. Economy Infrastructure and Communication Jobs Taxes and Welfare Immigration Education Health Culture, Equality and Opportunities Government & Constitution Housing Environment & Energy Crime & Justice Terrorism Retirement & Pensions Europe Foreign Policy Economy keep our economy secure by running — Read more →

ITV Leaders’ Debate: Review

The general election campaign is well and truly underway now after last night’s one-and-only TV debate between the country’s seven main parties vying for our votes in just over a month’s time.  While at times it was a bit of a stramash, with the leaders trying to get their voices heard over the others, in general it was a very interesting piece of political television and what will hopefully be a real spark to what promises to be a powder-keg few weeks. In some ways — Read more →

State of the Polls: March 2015

Just like the way March is a turning point in the weather as the seasons transition from winter to spring, March is also the political turning point in the year – as at the end of the month the General Election campaign officially begins and the electioneering hits fever pitch. General Election Over the last month, the Conservatives have closed the nationwide gap between themselves and Labour to make what seemed as though it would be a close General Election into a dead heat.  Voters — Read more →

Rhetoric of Separatism

The official general election campaign begins at the end of this month, but anyone following the news or politics will know that we are well into the election season already. We’ve had the debate debate, we have politicians promising things left right and centre should they be the chosen ones elected to govern and we’ve also had the political sledging that goes hand-in-hand with electioneering, in trying to portray all the other choices as wrong and that their party is the only one that will — Read more →

State of the Polls: February 2015

You might have noticed that generally the poll of polls in the months running up to elections are fairly static. The Conservatives and Labour have hovered in and around the 33% mark for months and months, since the independence referendum here in Scotland last September at least, and you might think then that the idea of polling months before an election might be a little worthless. There’s some truth to that, but at this stage of an election it’s the little changes that mean a — Read more →