Guardians of the Galaxy: Review

Marvel’s latest summer blockbuster arrived with a somewhat strange feeling of unfamiliarity to it.  Away from the Avengers characters we have grown accustomed to the titular Guardians were a bunch of rag-tag randomers that very few people outside of the die-hard comic book fans would have known about.  So the hype around Guardians of the Galaxy wasn’t necessarily based on what had gone before, but around what Marvel could do to take their films in a new direction.  Happily, Guardians was something different, and a — Read more →

The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Review

Spider-Man has taken a back seat in recent years to his other, now more illustrious, Marvel brothers and sisters and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is an attempt at bringing the “web-slinger” back on to the big screen.  The film is a good superhero film, and worth a watch, but lacks a little oomph that it needs as an action film. If you see The Amazing Spider-Man 2, there will be nothing in it that really covers new ground for an action film.  We see the — Read more →

Free to Play: Review

Perhaps the biggest new innovation to come out of video games in the last generation was competitive gaming.  It was facilitated by the widespread adoption of broadband internet, a new set of consoles that brought multiplayer to the masses and games that suited this new opportunity as well.  Competitive gaming, or eSports, is perhaps one of the fastest growing sports out there at the moment – although it has still not broken through to the mainstream because of the stigma surrounding playing games and being — Read more →

12 Years a Slave: Review

Perhaps the front-runner for the coveted Best Picture Oscar this year, 12 Years a Slave is a stunning depiction of one man’s horrific experiences with slavery in the American Deep South.  With sublime acting performances, a strong artistic style and great direction from Steve McQueen (not the late American actor), 12 Years a Slave was well worth its praise and hype. The story follows the life of Solomon Northrup, a free man living in upstate New York with his wife and family.  Northrup lives a — Read more →

The Wolf of Wall Street: Review

Last year, when I saw Filth in cinemas, I thought I had seen the limit of debauchery that could be found in a film.  It was funny, well-acted too and had a plot that was different and interesting.  Filth was a film that was fun to watch from start to finish. The Wolf of Wall Street takes the Filth model of movie, although not intentionally, and ramps it up to eleven.  There’s more drugs, more sex, more crime and the main character, Jordan Belfort, is — Read more →