Runrig – The Story: Review

Runrig are a cultural phenomenon unlike any other, bringing Gaelic to the fore and broadening the appeal of Celtic Rock across the continent and across the Atlantic Ocean.  In their 40+ year career, they have done it all and maintained the same approachable sound that found them success as a ceilidh band back in the early days. If The Story is their parting gift to an adoring audience that has followed them everywhere for the longest time, then it is a fitting one. Being the — Read more →

Niteworks – NW: Review

I often thought that a mix of traditional Highland music and electronic dance music could make a good genre, and I have looked around for it for a while.  Martyn Bennett’s music is definitely the closest to it, but as fantastic as he was it’s desperately sad that he died over ten years ago now.  I hadn’t heard the like of his music from anyone else, until this month. Niteworks have been around for a bit as it turns out, but this month sees the — Read more →

Niteworks – NW: Ath-sgrùdadh

Bha mi tric den bheachd gun dèanadh measgachadh de chiùil caran tradiseanta ‘s Gàidhealach ‘s ciùil dannsa eileagtronaigeach gu math, agus bha mi gal org fad ùine.  ‘S e an ceòl aig Martyn Bennett as fhaisge dhi, ach cho math ‘s a bha e gu sònraichte bochd chaoicheal e barrachd ‘s deich bliadhna air ais a-nis.  Cha robh mi air a leithid de cheòl a’ chluinntinn bho daoine sam bidh eile, gus a’ mhìos seo. Tha Niteworks air a bhith mun cuairt airson ùine a-nis — Read more →

CHVRCHES – Every Open Eye: Review

The Bones of What You Believe is comfortably one of my favourite albums of all-time.  Not many other records capture that singular sense of a band, one of drama and one of musical enchantment in the way that Bones did. CHVRCHES sophomore album Every Open Eye shows that the spirit of 80s is still alive and well in the 21st century and that they are a dynamic band that can do something different and still pull it off.  It’s not Bones, but in many ways — Read more →

Nero – Between II Worlds: Review

Nero are champions of a dark, electronic sound and are one of the most distinctive acts in British music of recent years.  Between II Worlds is the long-awaited follow-up to their hit album Welcome Reality of 2011, with it being a long four years to wait for a fresh slice of their particular brand of dance music.  It was worth the wait. This album does a great job of evolving slightly beyond what Nero had done before but keeping the familiar tones of old.  It’s — Read more →