The new Scottish League Cup

Last night, the powers-that-be at the SPFL announced a new format for the League Cup that will see the competition radically overhauled from the start of next season.  While towards the latter stages of the competition it’s just as you’ll know it, the start of the new format sees a group stage and a move towards summer football. In an industry not known for its positive or exciting innovation, I think the SPFL has come good here, despite the critics. First of all, here’s how — Read more →

Rangers and their EBTs

The Rangers saga is almost never-ending, and this week’s ruling that their infamous EBT use could well have helped them on the way to their league titles is not a surprise.  Rangers cheated the system off-the-field and of course that meant they were able to sign and keep some talented players that helped them on the way to league championships. EBTs (Employer Benefit Trusts) were used by Rangers to pay their players huge sums of money and to do so by avoiding the usual PAYE — Read more →

17 and counting

As much as you’d think we’d be getting used to it, last night Scotland once again experienced the pain of failure as our Euro 2016 dreams were shattered.  Despite hope and optimism that this could be our chance, once again we’ve come up short.  Scottish football is at its lowest ebb. So what went wrong this time?  We had a tough group, and one in which we were 4th seeds, but under Gordon Strachan we went into the qualifying campaign with optimism and even though — Read more →

Cashing in on football’s heart

Long ago football was the sport of the common people and the working class.  It was common people and the working class that would fill the terraces to watch games on a Saturday afternoon and long ago even the players were just normal people playing the game they loved at a high level. Today, Sky and BT secured the rights to screen Barclays Premier League matches here in the UK between the 2016/17 and 2018/19 seasons.  The incredible news, though, is that the total cost — Read more →

Missing the Ballon

Cristiano Ronaldo was crowned the best footballer in the world for the last year in a glittering awards gala last night, celebrating the best individual achievements in the game.  While the pundits and plaudits came out in force to hype and fawn over the players and managers on show, I can’t help but feel that the Ballon D’Or and the accompanying pomp and ceremony is doing the game an injustice. The main prize on offer was of course the Ballon D’Or, an award originally given — Read more →