Named Person – Right idea, wrong law

Today the SNP Government’s major childcare policy often known as the “named person” system was rejected in part by the UK Supreme Court, who found that some sections of the law were “incompatible” with the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR). News reporting of the issue so far has been incredibly sketchy and very few people have been able to accurately portray what the Supreme Court ruling actually means.  Here’s a few tweets though that sum up the situation very well from Andrew Tickell, a — Read more →

Ninja Forms User Registration

Create a user in WordPress with a Ninja Form

After searching around for a code snippet that would do the trick when it comes to registering a user through Ninja Forms to no avail, I managed to put one together that works a treat. All you need to do is change some of the IDs in the code to match your form details and then pop this into your theme’s functions.php file and you’ll be good to go. You can even create multiple versions of this code snippet, just change up the name nf_create_user where it — Read more →

The politics of happiness

Happiness is something that everyone wants, it’s one of our most basic needs and can be the centre of a healthy and better life, but it’s something that can often be elusive. Just because something is elusive doesn’t mean that it’s not worth pursuing though, and that’s why happiness is being taken seriously though around the world, with Governments beginning to set out plans to improve their citizens’ wellbeing rather than simply focussing on tangible goals. The theory behind this is that by embracing the — Read more →

The battle for Labour past, present & future

It hurts just a little to say it, but Labour could probably learn a thing or two from the Tories.  Rather than launching into the second long-term leadership battle in as many years, Theresa May took charge of the country as Prime Minister last week just a matter of weeks after the starting gun was fired on the Tory contest. But in saying that, Labour’s leadership battle is exactly that – a fight, potentially to the death, over what the party stands for and how — Read more →

The Turkish Coup

Last night, to cap off what has already been a tumultuous week, there was a failed coup attempt in Turkey as factions within the military tried to seize control and oust President Erdogan. While the event itself was completely out-of-the-blue, the circumstances leading up to it were years in the making – even though many of it was rarely reported here in Western media. Here’s a summary of what happened last night, how things got to this stage and where things will go from here. — Read more →