University & I

It feels a little surreal to be saying it, but my education career is over.  Words at times I never thought I’d actually be able to say! I’m now a graduate of the University of Aberdeen, and ready to finally go out into the big, bad world of work.  My four years have armed me with the skills and experiences I need to find myself a good job in the field that I want and I’ll soon be able to earn plenty money to make — Read more →


Yet again innocent Americans have come under attack from domestic terrorism, with over fifty young lives lost to acts of a callous, cowardly man. America’s gun problem is so staggeringly out of control that if it was happening almost anywhere else in the world there’d be international intervention. There have been 173 mass shooting incidents so far this year which have killed a total of 279 and injured 642 others.  There have been almost 1,000 mass shootings since the lives of 27 school children were — Read more →

Euro 2016 Predictions

The Euros are finally upon us, and for the first time ever they will feature 24 teams – meaning that our festival of football will be all the more jam-packed with games. Although my expectations and hype for the tournament haven’t been all that high, as Scotland yet, yet, yet again have failed to qualify, now that it’s here I’m sure that it will produce some memorable matches and be an interesting month – although it would be very hard indeed to match the World — Read more →

The EU Referendum – 2 weeks to go

Political déjà vu it may be, but with two weeks left in a referendum campaign the future of the United Kingdom’s political future is very much in the balance. In two weeks the EU referendum will take place and Britain will decide whether to Remain within or Leave the European Union in a vote that is already having major impacts on both the British and European economies and political culture. This post isn’t setting out any arguments for or against either campaign, I’ve already set — Read more →