The SNP contradiction

We’re living in interesting times in Scotland, and we’re on course to have more of a say than we have had for centuries when the Scottish Parliament gains new powers as a result of the Scotland Bill on the way.  For this, we have the SNP to thank; for while their push for independence has fallen short (for now), they have delivered to Scotland more power and influence than we could have hoped for, say twenty years ago, before our Parliament was re-instated. But for — Read more →

Out with the penny, out with the pound

Why a cashless economy better suits the world of today

Canada took the bold step in 2012 of phasing out the penny as a unit of currency, but when you look at the reasons why it made a lot of sense.  Pennies cost more to produce than they are worth, and at that point alone the state is losing money.  They’re also the most worthless unit of currency, in a world where very, very little requires pennies to pay with. Some believe that we should take heed of the Canadian approach here in Britain.  I’d — Read more →

The Revenant: Review

When the Oscars nominations were announced at the end of last week while all the talk was about the relative exclusion of black actors and directors, the main ‘traditional’ story was the success for The Revenant.  With 12 nominations, including for Best Picture, Best Director and both male Acting awards, it’s clear that this was the Academy’s most all-round favourite film of the year. But for me, The Revenant was more about what it tried to do than what it actually showed to the viewer.  — Read more →

The Real Chance of a Lottery Win

How the lottery could change the lives of many, not just the few

January is a cold and often rather miserable month, with the weather being dreich and cold and money being rather hard to come by after the expenses and indulgences of Christmas.  It’s not too surprising then that many people reach out for the vaguest possibilities of light in the darkness in January, and one of those ways that people try and spice up their lives is the lottery. This month, on both sides of the Atlantic, people have had the chance to play for record — Read more →

State of the Polls: January 2016

Although I’m sure some will disagree, politics over the last few years has been tremendously exciting – with more twists and turns in the dramas of governance than we have seen in decades beforehand.  If you’d predicted the events of the last 18 months: from the surge in support for Scottish independence before it’s defeat in the referendum, the tsunami of support for the SNP in the following General Election, a Tory victory against all the odds in that same election and the election of — Read more →