Scotland’s biggest game returns

It was only a matter of time before it happened, but when Celtic and Rangers were drawn together for the semi-finals of the League Cup it set up what legions of fans from each team and indeed neutrals across Scotland and the world wanted – another Old Firm derby. It is without a doubt Scotland’s biggest footballing (and cultural) rivalry, and there are very few clashes in world football that could compare either.  There is well over a century of history between them, and never — Read more →

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare: Multiplayer Review

Perhaps modern gaming’s most established franchise, Call of Duty has come under increased scrutiny in recent years as its blockbuster reputation has been hampered by gamers’ understandable concerns that while the series churns out new titles every year, with the first Tuesday in November almost becoming Call of Duty day, the franchise formula changes very little. Advanced Warfare does change things up in the biggest way since Modern Warfare 2, with developer Sledgehammer Games making their solo debut with the franchise. The new exo-suit gives — Read more →

Foxcatcher: Review

Trailers are often used to great effect in creating buzz about a movie, and of shaping your expectations of what you are going to get if you venture out to the cinema to catch the film.  But sometimes the trailers don’t capture the true feeling of the film, and leave you a little bemused afterwards.  Sadly, Foxcatcher is a great example where the film doesn’t quite live up to the trailer’s hype. Foxcatcher is about the true story of wrestler Mark Schultz (Channing Tatum), and — Read more →

The Debate Debate

British politics has gone all meta in the last week, as a big debate has erupted out of the preparations and plans for the proposed Leaders’ Debates before this year’s General Election. The politicians vying for our votes in May can’t agree amongst themselves on what format should be used and who should be invited to the televised showdowns, where the politicians will essentially be disagreeing with each other once more. And then they wonder why there is dissatisfaction and disinterest in politics? Debates are — Read more →

Missing the Ballon

Cristiano Ronaldo was crowned the best footballer in the world for the last year in a glittering awards gala last night, celebrating the best individual achievements in the game.  While the pundits and plaudits came out in force to hype and fawn over the players and managers on show, I can’t help but feel that the Ballon D’Or and the accompanying pomp and ceremony is doing the game an injustice. The main prize on offer was of course the Ballon D’Or, an award originally given — Read more →