Co tha riaghladh faclan?

Tha faclan ‘s cànan dà rudan a tha gu dearbh cudromach dhuinn mar daoine ‘s mar coimhearsnachdan airson na faireachdainnean, smuaintean ‘s beachdan againn a’toirt seachad agus tha e neònach a bhith a’smaoineachadh gu bheil ruideigin cho bunaiteach dhuinn feart daonna.  Ma feartan daonna  eile, feumaidh ar cànanan a bhith air stùireadh ‘s air riaghladh, agus biodh tu air iognadh air an leithid de na tha sinn a’sgriobhadh ‘s a’bruidhinn a th’air a bhith atharrachadh le riaghailtean ‘s àrd-reachdas. Ann an Gàidhlig tha GOC againn, — Read more →

Who rules words?

Words and language are two things that are fundamental to the way in which we as humans and societies get across our feelings, thoughts and intentions and it’s strange to think that what we take for granted as a very basic facility of ourselves is a man-made construct.  As with all constructs, our languages need to be controlled and governed, and as free as language may appear at times – you’d be surprised by how much what we write and speak has been moulded by — Read more →

iTunes 12 – Style over Substance

Apple’s bi-annual re-launch of their flagship media player, iTunes, came last week with an attempt to re-align the program towards their new desktop and mobile operating systems and to push integration with their Store even further.  There are a lot of new visual changes and reorganisation of items, but little in the way of real improvement.   iTunes is still a necessary evil for me. This is iTunes 12, the first major update since 2012’s new iteration which, for me at least, was a great piece — Read more →

Fury: Review

World War II is still one of the most iconic eras in history in which to set films, even though the market is saturated with a wide range of fantastic movies looking at the different elements of the conflict.  There is something about the drama and the importance of the time, the real evil of the Nazis and the human emotion of war that really lends itself to compelling films. One of my favourites is Saving Private Ryan, one of Spielberg’s finest flicks, which follows — Read more →

Lamont the first casualty of Labour’s decline

Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont resigned in a shock announcement on Friday night, citing too much interference from the Westminster party in affairs north of the border which left her position “untenable”. However, the more interesting revelation from Lamont’s departure was that she likened the party’s Westminster MPs to “dinosaurs” who were getting in the way of what she perceived as much-needed progress on the issue of devolution.  Labour’s proposals of further powers for Scotland are by far the weakest of the five Scottish parties, — Read more →