Hot Fuss – 10 Years On

The icons of alternative rock are often fleeting, but one band has stayed on top for longer than almost any other: The Killers.  If I told you that their debut Hot Fuss landed in the UK 10 years ago today, I’m sure you would be surprised.  It was an album chock-full of some of the finest pop rock and angsty ballads you’ll ever likely to hear and the record that launched The Killers into stardom and perpetual reference as THE band of the decade.  Although — Read more →

The 7 Rules for a Perfect Pub Quiz

Even at the tender age of 20, I’m something of a quiz veteran.  I’ve done quizzes since I was around 8 or 9, when I was part of the winning team of the (now defunct) Dingwall Gala’s Quiz.  It was a night that got me hooked on flaunting my considerable, yet otherwise useless, general knowledge.  Since then I’ve been involved in countless quizzes in different locations and for different reasons. The highlight of my quizzing career has got to be getting to the Scottish final — Read more →

2013-14 European Football Season Review

The balance of power in European football is a thoroughly interesting topic, as it ebbs and flows between clubs and countries on a seemingly endless basis.  While last year we would have been discussing the rampancy of German football, in particular the juggernauts of Bayern Munich, this year we are looking at the rise of Atletico Madrid and perhaps the return of Spanish dominance in European football.  It’s been an interesting season. Atletico Madrid have easily been the best team in Europe this season.  Breaking — Read more →

2013-14 Scottish Football Season Review

It’s been another topsy-turvy year in Scottish football, with plenty of drama and action to talk about and be remembered.  It’s the first year under the new SPFL banner and it definitely helped to bring in some new excitement at the bottom of the Premiership and the top of the Championship with new promotion and relegations places up for grabs.  Although some of the winners and losers of the season were predictable, there were definitely some shockers in amongst them too.  2013-14 will be remembered — Read more →

Where the Euro Elections Leave Us

The results are in, and for those of us who don’t believe in UKIP it’s as bad as we feared.  Although the European elections are perhaps of the least consequence out of all the polls in the calendar, the results of this one frame the run-up to next year’s General Election and also have an impact on September’s independence referendum.  It’s an interesting time indeed in British politics. The UK Independence Party won the European elections with 27% of the vote across the UK, with — Read more →