Google+’s Negatives

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, my internet repertoire includes a vast number of websites.  Some I’ll use almost constantly, some I’ll check a few times a day, and some every now and then when I feel like it.  Google+ is one that falls into the final category, and as a social network, it’s probably not where the developers of the service would want it to be.  I’ve had and used Google+ for over a year now, and I think it’s time that I put — Read more →

Dead Island: Review

When the announcement trailer for Dead Island launched 3 years ago, the hype for the game was huge.  For an instant, the gaming media that was so focussed on the titans of Call of Duty, Fallout etc. stopped and took notice of a new IP from a little-known studio in a way that hasn’t really happened since.  Sadly, the mind-blowing CGI trailer promised more than the game could offer – which is understandable, but still a little disheartening.  Dead Island is a fun game to — Read more →

Guide to Flat Hunting in Aberdeen

Aberdeen is a perfect storm for those who are looking to buy or rent in the city.  With a rich populace, because of the oil industry’s omnipresence, relatively small area and a larger than average percentage of students – there are many factors that make finding a place to live in Aberdeen a struggle. Last year I moved from university halls of residence to renting a flat with friends.  The process was inevitable, and we knew that it would take time and effort – but — Read more →

Franz Ferdinand – 10 Years On

It seems only yesterday that I was shopping in HMV along with my family and caught sight of Franz Ferdinand’s self-titled debut album on the shelf.  “Take Me Out” had hit its peak the month before and it’s catchy, poppy rock and roll had captured my attention. From hearing it everywhere on the radio I’d managed to learn most of the song off by heart and sang it to my heart’s content when I could.  So when I saw this album, and saw there was — Read more →

The Future of the GLPS Program

Without a doubt, education is one of the most important areas for Gaelic looking forward.  So that the language base will grow we need to educate new generations.  Gaelic medium education is the most famous way and perhaps the most successful way of doing this, at the moment, but the most interesting programme to me is GLPS: Gaelic Learners in the Primary School. GLPS teaching is like the way in which French and other European languages are all taught at schools across the country at — Read more →