State of the Polls: September 2015

It’s politics season again, as both Westminster and Holyrood return to their duties after summer breaks – and while the fallout from the General Election has largely settled, there are still some major battles going on in British politics in political and constitutional terms. Labour leadership contest The Labour leadership contest has been a rollercoaster ride, but one that only became exciting when a sudden rise from nowhere burst through the mediocrity.  Jeremy Corbyn’s transition from no-hoper to front-runner has been a revelation, and has — Read more →

State of the Polls: March 2015

Just like the way March is a turning point in the weather as the seasons transition from winter to spring, March is also the political turning point in the year – as at the end of the month the General Election campaign officially begins and the electioneering hits fever pitch. General Election Over the last month, the Conservatives have closed the nationwide gap between themselves and Labour to make what seemed as though it would be a close General Election into a dead heat.  Voters — Read more →

State of the Polls: February 2015

You might have noticed that generally the poll of polls in the months running up to elections are fairly static. The Conservatives and Labour have hovered in and around the 33% mark for months and months, since the independence referendum here in Scotland last September at least, and you might think then that the idea of polling months before an election might be a little worthless. There’s some truth to that, but at this stage of an election it’s the little changes that mean a — Read more →

State of the Polls: January 2015

Since the new year, we have begun to see the General Election campaigns really kick off in earnest – with both the Conservatives and Labour launching posters that outline their core arguments for the battle ahead. The Conservatives are playing upon their track record with the economy, with polls suggesting they are more trusted with the keys to the Treasury than their Labour counterparts, while Labour are going on the offensive about the NHS, pressing home their advantage in opinion polls surrounding the issue. These — Read more →

State of the Polls: December 2014

We’re just under five months away from the General Election, and when we ring in the New Year you can be certain that the campaigning and electioneering of all major political parties will begin to ramp up as they begin to stake their claim for your vote. Next year’s General Election is going to be fascinating. Normally they are two dimensional contests, with the Tories and Labours battling it out for Government and the Lib Dems providing little more than a mild attempt at becoming — Read more →