Indyref2: The opening gambit

After a brief calm before the storm, the whirlwind of Scottish constitutional debate returned two weeks ago as Nicola Sturgeon fired the starting gun on the campaign for a second independence referendum. Today the SNP & Scottish Greens voted in favour of asking the Westminster Government for a temporary transfer of power to Holyrood to hold another indyref, while Labour, the Conservatives and the Lib Dems voted against. The battle lines might seem almost exactly the same as 2014 and before, but the circumstances are — Read more →

Gaelic medium education statistics

Download – Gaelic Medium Education Statistics 2005-2016 Tha adhartais mòr air a bhith ann do dh’ fhoghlam tro meadhan na Gàidhlig ann an ùine ghoirid, agus gach bliadhna tha Riaghaltas na h-Alba a’ foillseachadh fiosrachadh le cunntas-sgoileirean a tha a’ sealltainn am meudachadh, neo lughdachadh, ann an àireamh sgoileirean na dùthcha. Tha na figearan seo a’ gabhail a-steach ionadan ‘s sgoiltean Gàidhlig ann am bun-sgoiltean agus àrd-sgoiltean agus tha iad cuideachd a’ dèanamh sgaradh eadar sgoilearan ‘s an ìre fhoghlam a th’ aca, leithid fileantaich, — Read more →

Sound of Silver: 10 Years On

When was it that you first felt old? When did you first look back on the five, ten years that have gone by and realise it had disappeared in the rear-view mirror far faster than you had imagined? I know I started to feel old pretty young.  I might have been halfway through academy (high school) when I really started to be aware of how quickly everything seemed to be going.  Of course it seems a bit daft now, to think you’re old at 13 — Read more →

Ninja Forms 3 Password Field

UPDATE 7/4/17 – Since version 3.0.31, password fields have been available again in Ninja Forms.  When adding fields, type in password in the search/filter bar on the top right to find the fields and add them to the form.  If you are using an up-to-date version of Ninja Forms, you should use the built-in password field and not use my solution below. Ninja Forms 3 doesn’t come built in with a password field, which makes things like user registration with Ninja Forms, a bit less user-friendly. Luckily with — Read more →

How do polls work?

Opinion polls have had a rough ride in a political sense over the last few years.  Despite getting it broadly right in the Independence Referendum of 2014, the General Election of 2015 shook the industry to its’ core as the Conservatives marched to victory despite all the predictions. Last year’s political shocks of Brexit and Trump have also weakened belief in the polls, despite the final indications in each showing that they were close races towards the end. Polls are still our best way of — Read more →