A human response to a human crisis

It’s impossible to imagine the plight of those risking life and limb to leave their homes in Syria and North Africa in search of survival in Europe.  To say that these people are desperate is to put it in the mildest of terms. The UK Government yesterday committed to taking 20,000 refugees from Syria over the next five years, working with the UN to bring people from existing refugee camps rather than to reward those travelling across Eastern Europe.  This fulfils the country’s moral obligation — Read more →

State of the Polls: September 2015

It’s politics season again, as both Westminster and Holyrood return to their duties after summer breaks – and while the fallout from the General Election has largely settled, there are still some major battles going on in British politics in political and constitutional terms. Labour leadership contest The Labour leadership contest has been a rollercoaster ride, but one that only became exciting when a sudden rise from nowhere burst through the mediocrity.  Jeremy Corbyn’s transition from no-hoper to front-runner has been a revelation, and has — Read more →

Sign of the times

Tha am blog seo cuideachd ri fhaighinn anns a’Ghàidhlig an seo: Sanasan a’sealltainn mar a tha cùisean Road signs are almost the quintessential stick used to beat Gaelic, as those that take issue with the revival of part of Scotland’s heritage make perhaps one of the most visual representations of Gaelic re-emerging from the shadows the target of vitriol and scorn.  This week Twitter has been awash with ill-will and misguided attacks towards the language, and none of it has been deserved. Gaelic was put on — Read more →

Sanasan a’sealltainn mar a tha cùisean

‘S e sanasan-rathaid ‘s dòcha na saigheadan a th’air loisgeadh air a Ghàidhlig as trice, leis an fheadhainn a tha eas-aontachadh le ath-bheòthachadh de phàirt cudromach de dualchais na h-Alba a’dheanamh targaid de na sanasan ‘s a’magadh ‘s a’toirt ionnsaigh air aon de na iomhaighean as follasaiche de ais-tilleadh a Ghàidhlig.  Tha a chànan air a bhith fo ionnsaigh chlaoin air Twitter an seachdainn-sa, ged nach eil adhbhar sam bith air a shon. Chaidh Gàidhlig a’chur air sanasan-rathaid mar dòigh faicsinneachd chànan a th’air a — Read more →

Songs of the Month: August 2015

La Roux – “Uptight Downtown” After re-inventing herself, or her band, as a solo artist – La Roux kinda disappeared from the fray for a while after the hugely successful debut back in 2008.  However, that’s not to say she’s been and gone – with last year’s album Trouble in Paradise providing a few great songs including this one. Set around the London riots of 2011, it’s a disco infused pop song that manages to blend a funky beat with the soaring vocals that you’d — Read more →