The effect of Gaelic education on speaker distribution in Scotland

Download PDF Gaelic has undergone the beginnings of a revival across Scotland in the most recent decades.  While speaker numbers are still falling, and the dangers to the future of the language are still real and threatening, there has been success in arresting the steep and sharp decline that could well have seen Gaelic disappear from Scotland altogether.  Aside from cultural efforts to restore the language through its’ always vibrant cultural scene, Government policy from both the UK and Scottish Governments have seen new innovations — Read more →

Is a new Cold War emerging?

Download PDF The Cold War ended in the early 1990s and heralded what was hoped would be the rise of a new era of peace and prosperity under a “New World Order”.  The Soviet Union had collapsed and fragmented, leaving the United States as the world’s only superpower. While for a time it appeared that the dominance and hegemony of the United States, an era of Pax Americana, would go uncontested – now there can be said to be the beginnings of new challengers that — Read more →

House of Cards – Season 3: Review

Major spoilers for seasons 1-3 of House of Cards ahead, read with caution! The rise and fall of TV characters is the essence of a good show, and what keeps us tuned in episode after episode, season after season as we see the stories of those we like or loathe unfold before us.  No show has this idea at its’ heart more than House of Cards, with the fortunes of Frank Underwood being the driving force behind the political drama that packs a punch.  The — Read more →

Is the US an ally or antagonist to Iran?

Download PDF From the Second World War onwards the United States has had a growing role in the Middle East.  While the US waged the Cold War with the Soviet Union and the domestic economy became ever more dependent upon the commodity of oil, the Middle East became one of the foci of United States foreign policy.  Iran was one of the key states with which the United States had a relationship, with the regime of the ruling Shah being propped up by the United — Read more →

State of the Polls: March 2015

Just like the way March is a turning point in the weather as the seasons transition from winter to spring, March is also the political turning point in the year – as at the end of the month the General Election campaign officially begins and the electioneering hits fever pitch. General Election Over the last month, the Conservatives have closed the nationwide gap between themselves and Labour to make what seemed as though it would be a close General Election into a dead heat.  Voters — Read more →