Highlights of 2013

My retrospective series on the best of the last year fittingly ends with the times I remember most fondly from the year.  2013 was a great year.  After the turbulent year of 2012, when I left the safeties of secondary school for university, 2013 was rather more smooth sailing, and had some fond memories. I thought I’d catalogue, as much for the benefit of my future nostalgia as anything else, the things that will forever send me back to 2013.  This is the year that — Read more →

My Top 40 Songs of 2013

I’m quite fond of reflecting on the year that’s gone by at this time of the year, and my favourite way of doing so is by looking back on the music I’ve added to my library over the past twelve months.  These tunes have provided the soundtrack to my year, whether they’ve been omnipresent on the radio or I’ve listened to them a lot on my iPod, so I quite enjoy listening to a playlist of the best of them in the week between Christmas — Read more →

My Top 10 Films of 2013

With the year drawing to a close, I thought it’d be a good time to share the best films that I’ve seen this year. I’ve seen more films at the cinema this year than I ever have before.  Living in a city for most of the year for the first time, with the cinema a thirty minute walk rather than a thirty minute drive away, it’s made it a lot easier.  Couple that with friends who get “Orange Wednesday” 2 for 1 cinema tickets and — Read more →

Cultural Decline

This is an English translation of the original post “Crìonadh Culturail” Last Tuesday, the BBC broke the news that the final Gaelic magazine in publication, Cothrom, was to halt production soon because of a lack of funds.  It’s a terrible situation, with the progress that the language has made in general in recent times.  It is part of a cultural decline within Gaelic, and the country all round, that our language will be left without any full and regular publication at all. Cothrom will enter the — Read more →

Crìonadh Culturail

Dimàirt seo chaidh, dh’fhoillsich am BBC pìos naidheachd ag radh gum bidh an iris Gàidhlig mu dheireadh, Cothrom, a sgur a dh’aithghearr air sgath dìth airgead.  ‘S e suidheachadh duilich a tha seo, leis an adhartas a tha air a bhith ann leis a chànan anns an fharsaingeachd.  Tha e mar pàirt de crìonadh culturail anns a Ghàidhlig, ‘s anns an dùthaich gu lèir, gum bith ar cànan air fagail gun fhoillseachadh slàn cunbhalach sam bith. Bidh Cothrom a’dol dhan dorchadas còmhla ri irisean ainmeil — Read more →