Split email address into first name and last name

Just a little bit of code here, thought it would be useful to share. If you’re ever working with a system that registers users and would like to know user’s names to personalise things a little, you’ll understand the frustration of people not co-operating in giving you their names! These simple scripts, either Javascript or PHP, can be added on to your registration page and will let you pick up first names and surnames from email addresses.  Hope it helps! Feel free to test out the — Read more →

Handy CSS and JavaScript tricks

For some summer is a few months of spending time outside in the sun, getting the most of the good weather and enjoying some time off.  While I do as much of that as I can, my summers as a web developer often see me sat in front of a screen trying my hardest to figure out why that little box won’t quite go in the right place.  Maybe not as fun all the time, but it can be just as satisfying. Web development can — Read more →