Passion Pit – Tremendous Sea of Love: Review

Donald Trump is all over pop culture like a rash at the minute, and it perhaps harkens back to the conservative years gone-by of the likes of Thatcher and Reagan where a subculture broke through into the mainstream off the back of widespread dissatisfaction with public life in general. Passion Pit’s latest effort, straddling the lines between an album and an experimental EP, takes its name from a Trump campaign rally quote, but it is decidedly apolitical in its focus.  And its perhaps that detachment — Read more →

Songs of the Month: February 2017

An eclectic mix as there’s likely ever been on this list, February’s has been a mash of tunes from different places but they’ve all fused together to create a great soundtrack to the month. Hollywood Principle – “Firework” (Melad remix) Rocket League’s become a minor addiction since starting playing in the middle of the month, and this tune has become its de facto theme song.  It’s fun it’s happy and it sums up in a musical way the whimsical but modern delight that is playing — Read more →

The new BBC Scotland

The BBC announced today its plans for BBC Scotland and BBC Alba to be included in the new Royal Charter, and it’s fair to say that most people will be pleasantly surprised and enthusiastic about what’s to come. In the biggest shake-up of the state broadcaster’s role north of the border in 30 years, a new dedicated BBC Scotland channel will launch in Autumn 2018 to provide 5 hours of Scottish-focussed content each day. The centrepiece of this new channel will be a so-called “Scottish — Read more →

Secure passwords with salt and pepper hash

We’ve all heard about some of the biggest websites in the world being hacked in the last few years, be it LinkedIn, Yahoo or anyone else. The big deal when sites get hacked is that generally it means those who did the hacking have access to the site’s database, which contains all of the information held by the site about its users; which generally includes password information. The real problem with this is that many websites still don’t use the best practices when it comes — Read more →

Dreachd Plana Cànan Nàiseanta na Gàidhlig Ùr

Chaidh dreuchd fhoillseachadh den ath Phlana Cànan Nàiseanta na Gàidhlig aig Bòrd na Gàidhlig a bhios a’ stiùireadh innleachdan a thaobh ath-bheothachadh na Gàidhlig airson 2017-2022.  Ann an dòigh gu math fìor ‘s e seo am ‘manifesto’ airson na Gàidhlig san àm ri teachd, agus thathar a’ samhlachadh an adhartais a th’ air tighinn ‘on a chaidh Achd na Gàidhlig fhoillseachadh ann an 2005. Ach cuideachd cho fada ‘s a th’ aig a chànan ri dhol gus am bi inbhe tèarainteachd aige mar a bha — Read more →