New site: Obraichean Gàidhlig

I’m delighted to announce today that my latest web project has gone live, and that it is Obraichean Gàidhlig – a website designed to help employers and jobseekers in the Gaelic community find each other. It’s a site that was borne out of a post-graduation sense of frustration that finding jobs related to Gaelic was a difficult task and there was no real way of keeping on top of it.  You could subscribe to alerts on different job feeds, but the results were very mixed — Read more →

Gaelic in post-devolution Scotland

Dissertation for MA Gaelic Studies and Politics

Download PDF Contents: Introduction Gaelic in the devolved political arena Party attitudes towards Gaelic Gaelic manifesto pledges in Scottish Parliament elections Gaelic and the independence referendum Discussion The Scottish Parliament and Gaelic public policy Gaelic legislation pre-devolution The Scottish Parliament as an instrument for Gaelic development The Gaelic Language (Scotland) Act 2005 Gaelic in UK and Scottish post-devolution legislation The progression of Gaelic funding Discussion Gaelic’s status in modern Scotland Gaelic’s population problem Gaelic-medium Education Gaelic and public opinion Gaelic’s public visibility Discussion Conclusion Bibliography — Read more →

Gàidhlig air Google Translate

Thàinig adhartas don Ghàidhlig an-dè nuair a chuir Google Translate a chànan air-loidhne airson ‘s gum b’ urrainn daoine eadar-theangachadh bhuaithe gu cànanan eile. Thathar air a bhith ag obair air Gàidhlig airson Google Translate fad ùine a-nis.  Tha làrach aca far am faod thu beagan eadar-theangachadh a dhèanamh dhaibh air abairtean a bha tric air an lorg air Google airson gum biodh fhios na b’ fheàrr aig an t-siostam de dè bha faclan sa Bheurla ciallachadh sa Ghàidhlig.  Tha an siostam cuideachd air obrachadh — Read more →

Gaelic broadcasting’s wider role

Download PDF With reference to the current Gaelic Digital Service, discuss how the outcomes of Gaelic media broadcasting might extend beyond MG Alba’s objective of ensuring that “high quality television programmes in Gaelic are made available to persons in Scotland”. What evidence exists to support your answer?   Just as the advances in Gaelic Medium Education can be said to have dominated Gaelic development discourse through the 1980s and 1990s, the advances in Gaelic broadcasting have taken centre stage thus far in the 21st century. — Read more →

Songs of the Month: October 2015

Niteworks – “Beul na h-Oidhche” ‘S e seo a’ chiad òrain air an clàr ùr aig Niteworks ‘s fhathast tha mi den bheachd gun e am fear as fheàrr.  Tha e a’ toirt còmhla a h-uile pìos cìuil leis a tha Niteworks ag obrachadh agus ann an doigh soirbheachail ‘s soilleir. The first song on Niteworks’ new album, this is still their best in my opinion.  It brings together all of the parts of Niteworks’ unique sound and does it in a clear and successful — Read more →