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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Dissecting the Referendum: The Campaigns

Although the time between the polls opening and the final result being declared was only a little more than 25 hours, the real story of how the Scottish independence referendum was won and lost has a deep history of two years or more.  For many it has been a process that has gone on for far too long, and there are calls from people across the country to move on and abandon the fierce politicking that has gripped the nation especially tightly during the last few months.  For me it’s a strange time, with the excitement and anticipation of the …continue reading

Dissecting the Referendum: The Result

I managed to make it until about half 5 in the morning before calling it quits and going to bed, accepting that Scotland had voted No to independence.  To be honest I was okay with it at that point, the steady stream of results that had come in from YouGov’s initial poll to the actual council-by-council results began to show rather quickly that it wasn’t going to be Yes’ night. But when I woke up a few hours later, to catch the end of the results and the final announcements, I just couldn’t summon the energy.  It was more than …continue reading

Predicting the Referendum Result

Today’s the day.  Today Scotland goes to the polls to decide its future and by tomorrow morning we will know whether Scotland has chosen to become independent or to remain within the United Kingdom.  There’s no telling which way the nation will vote at the moment, but I’ve tried to use recent polls to give an indication of what might unfold as the counts report their results tonight to make the process a little less nervy and uncertain! First things first, there is no doubt that the independence referendum is too close to call accurately – with so many factors …continue reading

Guardians of the Galaxy: Review

Marvel’s latest summer blockbuster arrived with a somewhat strange feeling of unfamiliarity to it.  Away from the Avengers characters we have grown accustomed to the titular Guardians were a bunch of rag-tag randomers that very few people outside of the die-hard comic book fans would have known about.  So the hype around Guardians of the Galaxy wasn’t necessarily based on what had gone before, but around what Marvel could do to take their films in a new direction.  Happily, Guardians was something different, and a film that is as enjoyable as there’ll be in cinemas this year. The initial set-up …continue reading

PS4 First Impressions

There was much excitement this week as I returned to Aberdeen and with my two flatmates having bought PS4s for their arrival; I was finally going to get a chance to get to grips with Sony’s newest console.  Although my experience with it has been slightly limited, with only Destiny and the demo for FIFA 15 at my disposal to test the system’s gameplay chops, I’ve really enjoyed using the PS4 and have almost certainly made my mind up about which console I’ll be getting when I eventually jump into the next-gen. The PS4 in many ways is simply a …continue reading

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