Helping fake news Buzz off

A storm brewed in the US media, and around the world, this week as CNN reported that President Obama and President-Elect Trump were being briefed on top secret intelligence claims that Russia had compromising information relating to Trump.  This information was claimed to be private and personal, and just a few hours after CNN reported this, BuzzFeed published a dossier including several sensational claims about Trump, prostitutes and a hotel room in Moscow. We now know that the dossier has not been verified, though the — Read more →

Bella we hardly knew ye

In just the space of 24 hours, one of the brightest lights of the pro-Yes movement here in Scotland went completely dark as Bella Caledonia closed down, seemingly with no return in sight. It was just yesterday afternoon when editor Mike Small posted a short, and rather unusual, goodbye on the site – signing off with the statement “Just couldn’t do it”.  Bemusement and confusion soon gave way to sadness and loss, though, as a statement from the site’s board indeed said that due to — Read more →

FIFA 17: Review

A beautiful, but flawed, game

After years of winning the best football game title, the FIFA series has come under severe pressure from its’ old foe Pro Evolution Soccer.  FIFA 17 was the latest effort by EA Sports to set itself apart as the true football simulation – but what it’s shown is that even with new bells and whistles, it’s not quite champion material. FIFA 17 is largely the same football game you’ll know and love, with little changing in the grand scheme of things since it made it’s — Read more →

My Top 40 Songs of 2016

It’s safe to say that 2016 has brought a whole new meaning to “a year to be remembered by”.  It’s got to be said also that for the most part that’s been for all the wrong reason – but there’s no doubting that the year will go down in history as a turning point in so many ways. But in music, 2016 has been quiet.  Pop hits haven’t been as ever-lasting as they used to be, there were few big album releases that really set — Read more →

Album Anticipations for 2017

2016 has been a little lacklustre for music, with the charts being awash with mediocrity and very few in the way of great albums that demand to be listened to again and again. It’s a shame that in a year so beset by truly terrible new events that there’s been little in the way of pick-me-ups to help the masses cope. But the famine of 2016 will make way for the feast of 2017, and there’s so many albums coming out next year that leave — Read more →