Indyref – 2 years on

It’s two years since Scotland said No to independence in a referendum that completely transformed the face of the country and its’ politics. From a day where many thought the independence dream would be shattered we have now reached a stage where the old gang is getting back together, with the grassroots organisations that supported independence re-thinking how to go about campaigning for an indyref2 and the SNP Government launching another “conversation” with the public about what they see as the country’s future. Anyone that — Read more →

Narcos – Season 2: Review

Narcos is one of the Netflix stable’s prized stallions, and after a thrilling first season it’s renewal was an absolute given. The first season covered almost twenty years’ of Pablo’s life and showed the impossible events that led him to being one of the richest people in the world.  But after being imprisoned of his own back at the end of season 1, and then breaking out – season 2 was about catching Escobar and putting an end to his own Colombian empire. Season 2 — Read more →

Twitter Night Mode for Desktop

Twitter introduced night mode to its iOS app last week, following its release on Android earlier this year, and it’s made viewing Twitter on a mobile device all the easier on the eye. It’s been well received, and I’m loving using it on my phone because it’s much less glaring and easier to read. I’ve been using f.lux on my computer for about a year, and although it works almost entirely in the background – you notice the difference that it makes in dimming the — Read more →

A real Olympic legacy

The Olympics draw to a close tonight, and despite the worry and trepidation that many had before Rio 2016 the Games themselves went spectacularly well and proved, once again, to be an incredible festival of sport. Team GB had their best Games ever, clinching more medals than they managed during London 2012 – an amazing feat considering that no host country has ever outperformed themselves in the following Olympics. Britain’s medal haul was so impressive that we came 2nd in the overall table, behind only — Read more →

Clinton’s tortoise and hare Presidential race

There’s just three months left of what’s already felt like an eternal US Presidential election, but unlike in most races in almost a generation, the result seems rather certain already. Hillary Clinton has opened up a sizeable post-convention lead over Republican adversary Donald Trump, with the onslaught of negative press surrounding Trump’s gaffes including (but not limited to) offending the family of a dead Muslim-American soldier and mildly suggesting assassination of his opponent. The boffins of 538 suggest that as things stand Clinton has a — Read more →