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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Moyes’ Misadventure is Over

Sackings in football are almost a matter of routine, with even the top clubs not being afraid to ditch their managers for an alternative to meet their insatiable need for success.  Man United weren’t really known for being a club with an itchy trigger finger, with Sir Alex Ferguson riding out some rough spells on the way to creating a footballing dynasty like no other, but they’ve proven their new mettle by sacking David Moyes after a season that has seen not just a fall but a dive-bomb from grace. Moyes’ stock as a manager lies almost completely in tatters …continue reading

Scotland’s Tide is Turning

It’s five months today that Scotland goes to the polls on the question of the century, whether or not Scotland should be an independent country.  Both the Yes and No campaigns have entered their full-time statuses, and neither are very far from the headlines of the news each day.  Polls have been favouring the No option since the SNP’s election to the Scottish Government in 2011 that paved the way for this referendum to take place, but in the last month there has been a jump for the Yes campaign.  Momentum is with the Yes side of the argument for …continue reading

iTunes – A Necessary Evil

For anyone who has music as a part of their life, there is something sacred and special about your music library.  It’s perhaps the most unique representation of you as a person in some ways: even with only a few hundred songs, the laws of probability would suggest that your library would be completely unique in the world.  Your particular music taste is entirely your own.  Managing this representation of yourself is something that many take great care of and pay attention to.  Enjoying music, one of the things that you revel in the most, in a way that’s easy …continue reading

The Magic of The Masters

As a sporting connoisseur, there aren’t many major sporting events that I won’t watch, or at least pay attention to.  Even if I’m not a big fan of the sport itself, the biggest fixtures on their calendar always bring with it a sense of importance and intrigue.  I’m not a massive snooker fan, but I’ll watch bits of the World Championship and follow it closely.  I, like almost everyone else in Britain, can’t really claim to be a tennis fan but I’ll watch Wimbledon every year without fail.  I’ll even watch parts of things like the London Marathon and the …continue reading

My Top 10 Call of Duty Maps

First person shooters aren’t known for striking any emotional chord with the players, other than perhaps the sheer thrill of the fight.  But I think if anything in shooters can evoke memories, either good or bad, it is the maps.  These are the virtual playgrounds where you win, lose, live, die and where the things that make you love or hate a game happen.  Maps are a crucial part of a multiplayer shooter – without fun, well-designed and memorable maps there isn’t as much enjoyment to be had. One of the things that the Call of Duty series consistently got …continue reading