The Pensions Time-bomb

Pensions are a cornerstone of our welfare system, and something that despite the growing differences between the political parties in our country remains untouched – but with a quickly aging population and a growing spend on pensions, it’s an area that we desperately need to fix before it gets out of control. The pensions system is a minefield both economically and politically, and there are many contradictions and dilemmas that need to be addressed before reaching any sort of conclusion on where to go next. — Read more →

Ross County 2015-16 Season Review

Once again we’ve reached the end of the football season, and even though the pain of Scotland’s failure to reach Euro 2016 will echo through much of the upcoming months it’s been softened greatly by the fact that Ross County have had one of their best seasons ever. Ross County have cemented themselves as a top flight club and done so in some style by storming to their second top-six finish in their four year stint in the Premiership and of course winning their first — Read more →

2016 Scottish Parliament Election constituency results

Here is a full breakdown of the constituency results from the 2016 Holyrood election.  You can find a full summary of all results, including those from the regional list, here. Navigate between pages using the links below: A    B    C    D    E    F    G    H    I    K    L    M    N    O    P    R    S    U Aberdeen Central (North-East) Votes % Change Scottish National Party Kevin Stewart 11,648 43.62% 3.6 Scottish Labour Lewis MacDonald 7,299 27.33% -10.2 Scottish Conservatives Tom Mason 6,022 22.55% 10.2 Scottish Lib Dems Ken McLeod 1,735 6.50% -2.8 Aberdeen Donside (North-East) Votes % Change Scottish National Party Mark McDonald 17,339 — Read more →

2016 Scottish Parliament Election regional results

Full regional breakdown of regional list results for the 2016 Holyrood elections.  A results summary and analysis can be found on the main results page. Central Scotland List Seats Votes % Change Scottish National Party 0 129,082 47.68% 1.3 Scottish Labour 4 67,103 24.79% -10.5 Scottish Conservatives 3 43,602 16.11% 9.7 Scottish Green Party 0 12,722 4.70% 2.3 UKIP 0 6,088 2.25% 1.7 Scottish Lib Dems 0 5,015 1.85% 0.4 Solidarity 0 2,684 0.99% 0.8 Scottish Christian Party 0 2,314 0.85% -0.5 RISE 0 1,636 — Read more →

2016 Scottish Parliament Election Results

After what as a lacklustre campaign, the 5th Holyrood election sprang into life on the night itself as the expectations of a run-of-the-mill election were thrown out the window – with the SNP falling short of another overall majority and the Tories achieving their best results since 1992 and beating the Labour Party into 2nd place. You can download an Excel file of the full 2016 Scottish Parliament results here: Download You can find detailed results of each election at the respective pages: Constituency | — Read more →