Why I’m Voting SNP & RISE

By most measures the 2016 Scottish Parliament election has been a very boring one.  Excitement normally stems from unpredictability, such as the atmosphere around the independence referendum or even last year’s General Election.  This year the result is already a foregone conclusion – the SNP will win, and win big. This doesn’t mean though that the election is any less important.  The Scottish Parliament is set to have more power than ever in the next five years and the decisions made at Holyrood will impact — Read more →

2016 Labour election manifesto summary

Economy and Tax Use the powers of the Scottish Parliament to make different choices and stop the cuts. Create fairness by ensuring spending on public services will rise in real terms. Set the basic and higher rates of income tax just 1p higher than that of George Osborne to stop the cuts and make public services better. Set a higher 50p rate for the top 1%, who earn over £150,000 a year, and investing that in schools. Scrap the unfair council tax and leave 80% of — Read more →

SNP 2016 election manifesto summary

Health Increase NHS spending by over £500 million more than inflation during the next Parliament Reform the NHS by investing £1.3 billion in health and social care partnerships, reforming primary care and increasing the number of GPs and nurses in communities. Invest £200 million in expanding the Golden Jubilee Hospital and creating new elective treatment centres in Aberdeen, Inverness, Dundee, Livingston and Edinburgh. Put in place a new ten-year plan to transform mental health and invest £100 million to improve mental health services Invest £100 — Read more →

Split email address into first name and last name

Just a little bit of code here, thought it would be useful to share. If you’re ever working with a system that registers users and would like to know user’s names to personalise things a little, you’ll understand the frustration of people not co-operating in giving you their names! These simple scripts, either Javascript or PHP, can be added on to your registration page and will let you pick up first names and surnames from email addresses.  Hope it helps! Feel free to test out the — Read more →

Your Guide to the 2016 Scottish Parliament elections

When is the election and what’s being decided? The election takes place between 7am and 10pm on Thursday the 5th of May.  The people of Scotland will elect 129 MSPs to serve the next five years in the Scottish Parliament.  The party with the most MSPs will form the next Scottish Government. The Scottish Government is in charge of areas such as healthcare, education, policing. There will also be new powers over income tax, some welfare payments and other social issues to be decided by — Read more →